• Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 will bring Cortana to the UK, China, India, Canada and Australia
  • HTC One M8 Windows Phone version in works, Android version gets KitKat 4.4.3 update
  • Nokia X, X+ and XL getting a software update

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While we have no doubt that Cortana is as good a voice assistant as any (it predicted the outcome of 14 matches in the FIFA World Cup correctly), it’s limited reach (read, US) has been somewhat of a disappointment. However, that shouldn’t be a problem when the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 hits the market. According to Microsoft, the update will bring Cortana to China and the UK in beta form… READ MORE »

So you are looking for Internet on the go and can’t seem to decide which carrier to choose? With so many options around one can easily get lost in the one time fee and monthly rentals. You should only choose a service provider after testing the speeds in your area, as most of the times the actual speeds are nowhere close to the claimed speeds. Please also note that 1KB… READ MORE »

We have some news regarding the HTC One M8. For quite some time now, rumors about a Windows Phone powered high end HTC phone have been making rounds. Now, according to evleaks, we could see the One M8 loaded with Windows Phone as early as September this year. According to the report, the device is codenamed W8 and will maintain the dual camera setup and front Boomspeakers found on the Android… READ MORE »

Even though Microsoft has dropped support for the Android powered Nokia X series, the original trio hasn’t been completely forgotten and is in the process of receiving an update. Not the software platform 2.0 that is found on the newer Nokia X2, but a few features from that have been ported nonetheless. The update brings new app switcher to Nokia X, X+ and XL. Users can switch between apps by swiping… READ MORE »

Microsoft has just revealed the Lumia 530 and while its the successor to the best selling Lumia 520, we don’t exactly think that ways. Both the Lumia 530 and Lumia 630 have been a step backwards rather than taking Windows Phone and the Lumia series to the next level. Let’s take a look at the specs of these phones and see what exactly is Microsoft planning to achieve. Lumia 530… READ MORE »

As companies reveal their second quarter earnings (the second quarter of this year and not the financial year), we get an insight into how the smartphone market is doing overall. Apple and Microsoft have announced their earnings. The reports show that while Apple managed to sell 35.2 million handsets in the last quarter, Nokia and Microsoft could only manage 5.8 million Lumia handsets. That’s almost one sixth of what Apple… READ MORE »

The upcoming Lumia 530 has come up on Vietnamese web shop Mainguyen. The web shop has been accurate in the past, so there’s a good change that the specs listed by the website are indeed what we’ll be seeing on the Lumia 530 in the coming months. Similar to what we saw with the Lumia 630, it seems like Nokia and Microsoft have taken a step back with the phone. In many… READ MORE »

Moto G has been an immensely popular phone since launch. However, with time competitors have started catching up and started offering phone with similar specs. We have no doubt that the company is working on a successor and now, the first alleged live shot of what is supposedly the Moto G2 has surfaced. There’s not much the image reveals, except Moto E style front speaker grille. The leak claims that… READ MORE »

1. Introduce the Facebook Music Cover The Facebook cover is very important for you and it best explains the person you are, your choices, emotions, activities and much more. Now if you are a music lover or associated with the industry in anyway, here is your chance to exhibit your talent in a unique way. These days, there are hardly people who are interested in reading the plain texts in… READ MORE »

Let’s admit it. Nokia X never really felt like the Android phone everyone had been waiting for the company to produce. The recently announced Nokia X2 was an improvement, but nothing ground breaking. Now, Nokia’s new owner Microsoft has decided to pull the plug on the entire project and be done with Android once and for all, with or without Google services. The news was broken Stephen Elop, chief of Microsoft… READ MORE »