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If you’re looking to purchase a new laptop under Rs 50,000, our advice would be to get the best ones with fifth generation Intel chips. As such we’re only covering top laptops with these processors in the list below, except two. So,here are the best laptops under Rs 50,000 in India for August 2015.   HP 15-ac052TX Flipkart: Rs 48,990 Features: Intel Core i5-5200U(5th gen) upto 2.7GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM 1TB 5400 RPM SATA HDD… READ MORE »

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet that can get things done without necessarily creating a hole in your pocket here’s a list of best tablets under Rs 10,000 for August 2015. There are plenty of Indian and Chinese manufacturers that sell tablets in this range. However, as it turns out, most of the tablets receive bad reviews from consumers and break down after a few months. As such, we’ll be… READ MORE »

With tablets gaining importance in the Indian market, the slightly higher price brackets have started getting attention too, since users no longer look for just cheap tablets anymore. So here’s the latest list of best tablets around Rs 20,000 in India for August 2015. As always, we’re only covering top brands’ tablets in our list. We’ve also hyperlinked Amazon or Flipkart links for each of the mentioned products with latest prices.… READ MORE »

Rs 15,000 can get you a decent tablet running on either of the three top operating systems. Here’s is our list of best tablets priced around Rs 15,000 in India for August 2015. We’ll only cover top brands in this list and we’d advise you to go for the same ones even if Indian manufacturers tempt you with better specs. Also, check out the list of best tablets under Rs 20,000.… READ MORE »

Looking for the best smartphone under Rs 20,000?. Here’s our list of best phones around Rs 20,000 for August 2015. We’ve excluded some really outdated models or the ones that are extremely overpriced. You can also check the lists of best smartphones around Rs 15,000 for August 2015 and best smartphones around Rs 25,000 for August 2015 in case you decide to change your budget a little. At this price, at least 2GB RAM… READ MORE »

So, you’re looking for the best phone under Rs 40,000 which offers the best features and the most up to date hardware? Here are the best phones under Rs 40,000 in India for August 2015. These are all flagship material and should get the new OS updates for a long time in the future. So here goes the list of best phones.   Best smartphones under Rs 40,000 for August 2015   Samsung Galaxy… READ MORE »

Here’s a list of what we think are the best smartphones under Rs 15,000 for August 2015 based on their specs. These are the best phones available in the market right now for this budget and should give you great value for money . Also, check out the best smartphones under Rs 10,000 and best smartphones under Rs 20,000. Also, check our recommendations at the bottom. We’ve provided links to Amazon and Flipkart pages,… READ MORE »

So you’re looking for the best phone under Rs 30,000? Great, since we’ve compiled a list of best phones under Rs 30,000 for August 2015. Most of these are flagships from last year and offer solid performance. Also, most of the phones in this budget are 32GB versions of phones, which have their 16GB versions available for Rs 20,000-24,000, so we are excluding them from the list. Instead, you can check… READ MORE »

Looking for the best phones under Rs 25,000? Check out list of best phones under Rs 25,000 for August 2015 below. We’ve put together all the good phones available in this budget, including best Android and Windows Phone handsets. Also check out the best phones under Rs 30,000 and best phones under Rs 20,000. We’ve put links to the best prices from Flipkart and Amazon. Also, check our recommendations at the bottom.   Best… READ MORE »

Here’s our list of best smartphones under Rs 10,000 for August 2015 in India. We’ve seen some improvement in specs offered in the phones that have been launched recently. The phones are ordered according to their price and includes the best Android and Windows Phone handsets. We’ve decided to give Indian manufacturers a miss due to the sheer numbers of phones that are almost identical to each other. Also check out the best… READ MORE »