• HTC One M8 for Windows vs. One M8 vs. Lumia 930 vs. Lumia 1520 vs. Samsung ATIV SE
  • Alleged specs of Motorola made Nexus 6 aka Shamu leak
  • HTC One for Windows Phone gets its specs revealed, isn’t much different from One M8

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For some time now, Windows Phone users have been quetching about the lack of a decent flagship on Windows Phone. Sure, there’s the Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Samsung ATIV SE, but they all miss or on something or the other. But it seems like HTC has jumped into action and solved the problem for everybody with the HTC One M8 for Windows. Let’s see how it fares against other… READ MORE »

Rumors about a Motorola made Nexus device have been rife for some time now and today we’ve another one at our hands. While yesterday’s rumors pointed towards a device with 5.9 inch display and Snapdragon 801, today’s data from GFXBench points in completely another direction. According to the new info, Nexus 6, aka Shamu, will sport a 5.2 inch QHD display, translating into a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Under… READ MORE »

It’s no longer a secret that HTC will be announcing HTC One for Windows Phone on August 19th. The device comes after HTC’s absence from the Windows Phone party in the international market for almost two years now. Now, we’ve got information on what the device will pack in terms of hardware and specs. The design of the HTC One for Windows Phone isn’t the only common thing with the… READ MORE »

It’s been well over an year since the Lumia 720 was announced and that’s a very long time in the current tech scenario. However, it seems like you won’t have to wait long for a successor after all, since the first alleged live shots of Nokia – Superman have surfaced. It is most probably the successor to the Lumia 720 and might retail with the official name of Lumia 730. In… READ MORE »

After the huge success of Moto G, Motorola is looking to release its successor soon. We’ve already heard quite a bit of rumors about the phone and now, we’ve got more info thanks to benchmarking website GFXBench. A new Motorola device with codename XT1063 has been spotted GFXBench database, and it seems like it is the successor to the Moto G. The specs reveal a 720p 5 inch display, which can considered an… READ MORE »

While our most reliable source of leaks and tips might have retired, that won’t stop the rumormill from running of course. A new analyst report to investor that AppleInsider managed to get its hands on claims that the bigger 5.5 inch iPhone 6 that is slated to be released in December will be more powerful than its smaller 4.7 inch sibling. According to the report, the 5.5 inch iPhone 6… READ MORE »

Over the years, we’ve seen numerous smartphones, tablets and other devices getting leaked well ahead of their announcement thanks to the infamous Twitter account evleaks. The tipster has been a reliable source of leaks for the tech media and often his words were taken as proof of what is to come. However, Evan Blass (the guy behind account) has decided to call it quits and won’t be running his operations… READ MORE »

Office on iPad is a handy tool. Perhaps that’s why it is so popular. Now Microsoft has pushed out updates to each Excel, PowerPoint and Word for iPad, taking them to version 4.1. There are numerous improvements onboard. Firstly, PowerPoint gets a new Presenter View that allows you to view and edit speaker notes, see your next slide, or jump to other slides while presenting. You can also play videos, sound effects,… READ MORE »

Here’s a list of what we think are the best phones around Rs 15,000 based on their specs. We’ve excluded single cores from this month’s list because of their sluggish performance. Also, these prices are the lowest we could find online and the list goes from the most expensive to the cheapest. Although, one phone outshines them all. It’s the Moto G, and out advise would be that you get… READ MORE »

So you’re looking for a new phone which offers the best features and the most up to date hardware, but can’t seem to make up your mind on whether to get an HTC, or an Apple, or a Samsung for that matter? Phones around Rs 40,000 are usually powerful enough to run anything that you throw at them, so it’s more a matter of personal preference. Still, here are the best… READ MORE »