• iOS 8 now on 16 percent of all compatible devices
  • Apple iPhone 6 review roundup: All praises for the “best smartphone” available in the market
  • Retailers in UK already stocking Apple iPhone 6 accessories ahead of launch

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It’s been just a day since iOS 8 was released for the masses and people have already started downloading the udpate in huge numbers. In just under 24 hours, the update is now present on 16 percent of all devices, according to data from analytics firm Mixpanel which tracks mobile app usage. Until yesterday, the number stood at .53 percent, mostly comprising of users using the pre launch build. As… READ MORE »

The new Apple iPhone 6 is here and everybody has started pouring their opinions on the phone. While the staunch critics among the public have even compared it to the Nexus 4, our friends in the tech community don’t necessarily feel the same way. Here’s a roundup of what some of the top reviews have to say about the iPhone 6.   Independent: “Apple is accused of doing too little,… READ MORE »

Apple iPhone 6! That’s all one can hear these days. Since the launch of iPhone 5s last year, many users have been left wanting for more, a bigger screen size being on top of their priority list. And with rumors of iPhone 6 sporting a 4.7 inch display, every Apple fan is excited about the launch of the next generation phone from Cupertino giant. Well the iPhone 6 is almost here with… READ MORE »

Here’s a list of what we think are the best phones around Rs 15,000 based on their specs. We’ve excluded single cores from this month’s list because of their sluggish performance. Also, these prices are the lowest we could find online and the list goes from the most expensive to the cheapest. Although, one phone outshines them all. It’s the Moto G, and out advise would be that you get… READ MORE »

So you’re looking for a new phone which offers the best features and the most up to date hardware, but can’t seem to make up your mind on whether to get an HTC, or an Apple, or a Samsung for that matter? Phones around Rs 40,000 are usually powerful enough to run anything that you throw at them, so it’s more a matter of personal preference. Still, here are the best… READ MORE »

Here our list of bets phones around Rs 10,000 for the this month. Most of the phones in this segment are entry level, offering bare minimum performance. You can pretty much forget playing demanding games and even OS updates. Our advice? Spend a little more and get the Moto G. It’s the best phone under  Rs 20,000. We’ve seen some improvement in specs offered in the phones that have been… READ MORE »

Here’s our list of various 3G data tariffs offered by major telecom providers in India for January 2014. These are prepaid tariffs only (except where mentioned). The tables give a fair idea of the tariffs and can be used for the comparison among carriers, however, the rates vary significantly from region to region and it is best that your check the operator’s webpage for the exact amount in your area… READ MORE »

When you are looking for a phone that is priced at Rs 30,000 you expect to get top of the shelf stuff that has the most advanced features and comes with the latest software. Hands down, Nexus 5 is the best the money can buy in this budget. Though some of the other phones aren’t the flagship phones, they offer some solid performance too. Here’s a quick look at what… READ MORE »

Another month, another list. Here’s our list of best phones around Rs 20,000. We’ve excluded some really outdated models or the ones that are extremely overpriced. These prices are the lowest available online. However, you can get better deals if can find yourself some coupons. The list goes from the most expensive phone to the cheapest. You can also check the lists of best phones around Rs 15,000 and Rs 25,000 in… READ MORE »

There quite a gap between 20,000 and 30,000 and if we can have a post that compares phones in the median of Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000, why not one which covers best phones around Rs 25,000? Also, this time we’ll try to quote the least price available. The order of phones in the list doesn’t go from best to worst, but from the most expensive to the cheapest.  … READ MORE »