Here’s our list of various 3G data tariffs offered by major telecom providers in India for January 2014. These are prepaid tariffs only (except where mentioned). The tables give a fair idea of the tariffs and can be used for the comparison among carriers, however, the rates vary significantly from region to region and it is best that your check the operator’s webpage for the exact amount in your area (it should be close to these values). As always, we advise you to pick a plan that suits your needs instead of going blindly for the cheapest one. Also, make sure that your area is covered by 3G on whichever carrier you choose, or else you’ll be stuck with 2G (EDGE) speeds, which aren’t very fabulous as you might already know.



bsnl 3g data tariff 3G data tariffs in India for January 2014




airtel 3g data tariff 3G data tariffs in India for January 2014

*Speed capped to 80kbps




Please note that unlike other carriers, Idea’s tariffs vary significantly from circle to circle and it is best that you check their official website for the exact pricing. Here’s the link.




aircel 3g data tariff 3G data tariffs in India for January 2014

* Speed capped to 64kbps
** Plan available only on mobile and not USB dongle




reliance 3g 3G data tariffs in India for January 2014

* Unlimited with post usage speed of 64kbps

** Only applicable on mobile devices and not USB dongles



Tata Docomo

docomo 3g data tariff 3G data tariffs in India for January 2014


  • Sakthi

    Don’t take aircel 3g…they have hidden 3 tier speed capping

    Rs 7 – upto 50 mb 3g speed, 50 mb- 110 mb- speed at 128 kbps. Beyond
    110 mb- speed at 32kbps.

    Rs 19- upto 100 mb 3g speed,,100 mb- 200 mb- speed at 128 kbps. Beyond
    200 mb- speed at 32kbps.

    Rs 38- upto 200 mb 3g speed, 200mb- 410 mb- speed at 128 kbps. Beyond
    410 mb- speed at 32kbps.

    Rs 128- upto 500 mb 3g speed, 500 mb- 610 mb- speed at 128 kbps. Beyond
    610 mb- speed at 32kbps

    • ravi

      They’re offering 3g speeds on the advertised data amount..unlimited afterwards is just a market gimmick used by these companies..

      • Sudharsan Ramasamy

        yes right. Even they have not expanded their 3 network .

    • katik

      let it be, but still they provide unltd 3g in such cheap rates, no other provider has guts to even do this. worst is airtel (having highest subscribers in india) for only 150mb they charge 48rs whereas aircel 200mb +unltd at 128or32kbps at 37rs.

      • sdf

        I am getting average 2 to 3 Mbps speed in PUNE for BSNL 3G. It is cheapest amongest all:- 1GB=139 R.S.

  • neelima

    hey man stop publishcopy mtrl from official sites.

    • sharang33

      and that would be wrong because? I don’t see why I cant use the official tariffs from respective websites and sum it up

  • uparth

    still 3g not cheaper

    • zadg

      I am getting average 2 to 3 Mbps speed in PUNE for BSNL 3G. It is cheapest amongest all:- 1GB=139 R.S./mn

  • Sudharsan Ramasamy

    Very costly by all operators.

    • ashik

      hellow i m ashik from bangladesh i want to know what is the lowest cost of indian 3G data plan for unlimited … here in Bangladesh we have to pay 750 taka (with vat) 128kbps which is about 543 rupe in india…….

      • Arjun

        Here it is RS.128 for 1 month Aircel.

        • Sahil Khan

          it is only 500mb 3g and 1024 is 2G low speed. Still in India no unlimited plan of 3G in cheap price.

      • Devanshu

        lolz.. you all are pretty fucked up in Bangladesh. 3G is so damn costly. I feel sorry for you guys.

  • ansh

    i think bsnl is cheapest

  • Raja

    BSNL 3G is worst, waste of money, not even the speed of 2G, they won’t care about the complaints. finally the subscribers through the sim cards. tariff is cheap and speed is lower than 5Kb/Sec

    • Leo

      Funny!!!!! I,m Getting around 380 Kbps :D :D

  • damodarsingaram

    I think reliance net-connect+ is the best there tariff plans are reliable.

  • BAl

    BSNL is good here in Salem, Tamilnadu. I am getting superb speed up to 3 mbps with 2 tower signal strength. I activated 2 gb for 253 and I found no marked issues except occasional loss of signal.

  • Professional Wordpress Themes

    Idea is costliest and speeds are unreliable..same is with Airtel..BSNL is cheapest so one can’t complain of speeds. If you are in a 3g zone you will get awesome speeds if you walk out of towers zone you will get 2g speeds for BSNL so check for this before complaining about speeds…

  • shruti

    can anyone pls tel me which is best in speed . i live in chennai….

    • PRATIK

      You will definitely get minimum 1 Mbps on BSNL if you are in good coverage. In PUNE I am getting upto 5 Mbps sometimes. Also BSNL is cheapest one. But take more time to connect. Once connected Booom Booooooooom….

  • Poor mechanic

    What about roaming? my aircell (tamilnadu)prepaid 3g datacard is not working in chennai.
    Please inform about other net works regarding roaming.

  • bluezone

    In Gujarat Ahmedabad bsnl give 2g speed in name of 3g recharge
    I have complaints about that but no any response from technical
    Department of bsnl

    Wrost speed

  • anonymus

    Dont ever thnk of Tata….it sucks…

  • Ashish

    I am using MTS Blaze Ultra in Vadodara, Gujarat and am getting average speeds of 1.5Mbps. thats not enough juice.