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While the success of Android as a mobile OS has made every manufacturer hop on the bandwagon, only a few have managed to actually make profit out of it. One such success story is Samsung Mobile, which has become a prominent player in the smartphone market. But have you ever wondered how many phones does Samsung sell anyway?

samsung marketshare

Well according to Strategy Analytics, one in three smartphones sold in 2012 was made by Samsung (we mean the entire phone and not just some components of it). The company managed to ship a total of 213,000,000 smartphones which accounted for 30.4 percent or roughly one third of all smartphones that were sold in 2012.

To give you a better understanding of this number consider this. The population of Brazil is approximately 200 million. Samsung managed to sell more smartphones than this number.

While Samsung must be delighted at that news, not everyone is happy about it. According to reports, executives back at Google HQ are worried over the growing domination of Samsung, fearing that the Korian giant might renegotiate deals with Google to better suit its own needs. This could include a chunk of revenue made from the Play Store. But then Google has Motorola as a back up option, and with the upcoming X Phone they might actually show Samsung, who the boss really is.