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For those of you who are still on Windows 7 and use Internet Explorer, we’ve got some news. Microsoft is making the final release of Internet Explorer 10 available to consumers and businesses starting today. The new browser is available in 95 languages and will be automatically made available to the users via Windows updates in the coming weeks (however eager users can download it manually sooner).

Even though the new version of the browser has been out since January 26 (on Windows 8), Microsoft held back release of the Windows 7 version till today. Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 brings improved JavaScript performance along with emphasis on battery life performance on mobile devices. It also offers better support for web standards like the latest CSS3 and comes with  integrated spell checking and auto-correct. The user interface however, remains largely the same as IE9 meaning there’s no full screen mode like in Windows 8. Still it is worth an update over the IE9.

You can get the browser for your Windows 7 machine from here.