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When Nvidia claimed back at CES that Tegra 4 was the fastest mobile CPU to date, we thought they were just big words. Turns out we were wrong. According to the benchmarks scores we’ve collected from various sources (and we’re really thankful to all of them), the Tegra 4 clearly beats the Snapdragon 600 fair and square.

tegra 4 vs snapdragon 600
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In the Quadrant test the Tegra 4 reference tablet managed to score 16436 points which is 4690 more than the nearest Snapdragon 600 device. The S4 Pro on the Xperia Z still lags further behind, managing only 8075 points.

snapdragon s4 vs tegra 4


The Antutu results again showed the dominance of Tegra 4 over Snapdragon 600. In this test however, except for the Xperia Z, every other phone (HTC Butterfly and LG Optimus G) with S4 Pro fared rather poorly managing to score only around 12,000 points.

snapdragon s4 vs tegra 4


Sunspider again proves the superiority of Nvidia’s offering over that of Qualcomm. Suffice to say that the Tegra 4 has set new standards and Qualcomm is on the back foot for the moment. However things might not be so bad for Qualcomm given that their most powerful chip, the Snapdragon 800 is yet to be benchmarked. Still the first round goes to Nvidia and the company deserves it.


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