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mount everest base camp gets 4g connectivity

Your neighborhood might still not have 4G connectivity, but apparently, hikers enroute to the top of the world’s highest peak will be able to stream videos at blazing speeds, thanks to the deployment of LTE at the base camp of Mount Everest, courtesy Huawei and China Mobile.

According to the press release by Huawei, the combined collaboration between the two companies will allow access to high speed internet at an altitude of 5,200m from the mean sea level. The technology used in the region is LTE-TDD, which stands for Long Term Evolution- Time-division Duplex. This is different from what is deployed in the US and parts of Europe, where carries use LTE-FDD instead (read this for more on this subject). LTE-TDD has been gaining foothold in markets like China, India, Japan, parts of Africa and Europe and Australia. As such, if you happen to be from the western sphere, your iPhone isn’t likely to catch a 4G signal in the area.

Previously Huawei and China Mobile has deployed GSM coverage in the area to prepare for a leg of the 2008 Olympic Games torch relay. The GSM service is still operational and working fine. Nepalese operator NCell has also setup 3G network at the Mount Everest base camp.

So the next time you happen to be in the area, make sure you tell everybody about it on Skype.