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March has been an exceptionally good month for Windows Phone users with multiple apps hitting the app store. After Pandora and games like Spiderman, Asphalt 7 and The Dark Knight Rises, a few more titles will be available on the platform by this week including Temple Run.

 temple run wp

Yes, you heard it right, Temple Run will be finally available for your Nokia device. The endless 3D runner from Imangi Studios that is extremely popular on iOS and Android has been one the most missed apps on Windows Phone. Microsoft had announced at the launch of Windows Phone 8, that the app would be available on the platform, but it took long five months before it hit the marketplace. However the game won’t be an Xbox title, meaning you won’t be getting the achievements.

Even though Temple Run 2 has been released on the other two platforms we’re pretty certain that Temple Run will be immensely popular in the Windows Phone community. Sadly it is being released only for Windows Phone 8, so users of WP7.x devices are out of luck.

Other games that are being released include 6th Planet, Propel Man, Orcs Must Survive, Fling Theory, and Ruzzle. Most of them are expected to be available by today. Gravity Guy 2 is another new title that has been released on the platform and will be exclusive to WP for one month. It looks like Windows Phone is finally gaining some traction and we can see more titles coming its way in the future. Now only if Instagram could hit the OS soon enough, it will be another shot in the arm that the platform needs.

Update: Temple Run is now live in the app store and can be downloaded from here for free. That was the good part. The bad news is that the game requires 1 GB RAM, so Lumia 620 owners along with other WP8 handsets with 512MB RAM won’t be getting this game after all. Not yet at least, maybe the developers release a version optimized for devices with 512 MB RAM in the future, but we don’t know that yet.