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HTC might have a new flagship in their arsenal but that doesn’t mean the company won’t be giving any love to its older phones. Replying to a query on Facebook, the company revealed that it has got plans to bring the Sense 5 on the HTC One X, One X+, One S and the Butterfly.

sense 5 coming to one x

Sense 5 is considerably different from the previous versions and brings a much more leaner and flatter UI than before. It brings a slew of new features including HTC Blinkfeed, Sync Manager, Zoe camera and integration of TV control. However, some of these features are hardware related (TV control and Zoe camera) and might not get ported over to the older models. Still it will be nice to see a new and improved UI.

As for the availability, HTC said that the Sense 5 would be coming to these device in the next few months.