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$14 million worth of LG G2 stolen in the US

21st century heists are no longer about  stealing money from banks. Instead, even the robbers are behind the most sought after product in the market, smartphones. The news comes from Gary, Indiana, where a truck carrying 22,500 LG G2 units to Sprint stores in Kentucky was stolen. Yes, we mean the entire truck. Apparently, the driver decided to take a quick break, but when he returned, he was shocked to see his truck gone.

We’ve seen robberies associated with smartphones in the past, but this one seems to be the biggest of its kind. At current market price of $630 a unit, that translated roughly into $14 million. The FBI and Indiana and Illinois state police have been notified of course, and have already started an investigation into the matter.

What the robbers plan to do with so many phones is anybody’s guess. Perhaps after gifting all their relatives with a brand new smartphone, we might see the market flooded with cheap G2 units in the region.