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With only days to go before the BB10 event scheduled for January 10, RIM is aggressively pushing the platform so that its app store  isn’t a barren land on the day of launch. Anybody can tell you that in order to succeed in the smartphone race you need a lot of apps in your arsenal. And RIM not looking to repeat their past mistakes is making sure that they do have something in their app store before the end of this month.


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The recently concluded two day long RIM Port-A-Thon has enabled RIM to amass 15000 apps for the Blackberry App World. The news was broken via twitter by RIM’s vice president of developer relations Alec Saunders. The 37.5 hour long event provided cash  incentives and rewards (which included Dev Alpha units) for developers to create apps for the new OS. Each developer could submit a maximum of 20 apps. Besides another event was held simultaneously for developers to port their apps from Android to BB10.

We wouldn’t expect all the 15000 apps to get approved but it is good to see some developer interest for the new platform. With the official  launch just two weeks away RIM better have enough apps in the Blackberry World to appease the customers. Given that this might be last chance for the company there’s little room for error now. However how many big titles (Instagram, Pandora, Temple Run) would be available at the time of release remains to be seen given that some of them are still unavailable for Windows Phone 8.

Presently Apple App Store boasts a mighty 775000 apps while Google Play Store isn’t far behind with 675000 apps. Windows Phone which would be direct rival to BB10, competing for the third spot currently has around 150000 apps available in the store.

It is expected that the RIM’s app store might have around 70000 apps available for download at the time of launch.