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latin america windows phone

While Windows Phone is still not a serious threat to Android in general, there are a few pockets on the map where it is particularly popular. Latin America is among those places, as according to IDC, WP is the second most popular mobile OS in the region ahead of iOS.

Maintaining its growth trajectory in Mexico, WP was the second most popular OS in the country for the second consecutive quarter. In Colombia and Peru the operation system managed to again take the second spot. In fact WP accounted for a 25.6 percent market share in Colombia last quarter. In Argentina, Chile and Brazil, the OS held the third spot.

And Microsoft is really happy with the outcome, since it had set this year’s end as the timeline to achieve this goal. That’s good five months ahead of schedule. That has been possible due to the wide availability of WP devices in the region (20 countries in all), as well as Nokia’s new offerings in the second quarter which covered the entire range from the low end to the high end.

With Nokia aggressively pushing out new smartphones in the market, we expect the growth to continue going forward, unless, maybe if Android can get really competitive at the low end where Nokia Lumia 520 is the undisputed champion.