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samsung galaxy j5 and j7

Despite fierce competition from the Chinese and the Indian manufacturers, Samsung has managed to hold its fort in the Indian smartphone market. The company has released several models over the last year to keep its portfolio fresh and up to date with the market trends and technology. As such, hopes were high with the new Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 (2016 edition), since the last year’s models had started to show their age and were simply no match for better spec’d models from other players in the market. Turns out, Samsung has disappointed with the phones and even if the hardware update couldn’t have been that exciting, the price surely could have been better.

Both these phones come with what Samsung advertises as the S bike mode. The feature once activated, notifies any caller trying to reach the user that the user is riding and cannot take calls. In case of an emergency, the caller can press one and the call should make through as it usually would. Neat, yes, but certainly not worth the extra price if you ask us. Also, the feature is only useful for people who travel using a bike. Talking about the J5 first, the prominent additions over last year’s model include a bigger battery and more RAM (which should have been standard on the last year’s model). Yes, you’ll also find other improvements, but for Rs 14,000, a Snapdragon 410 and a 720p display seem out of date. Even the year old Moto G Turbo with a Snapdragon 615 and waterproof body seems like a much better deal. Let’s not even begin comparing the phone with Lenovo and Xiaomi offerings because that would humiliate it further.

Even the price of the Galaxy J7 seems like an overkill. Again, Samsung could have at least offered a 1080p display on that humongous display. We’d advice spending a little extra and getting the Moto X Play instead, if premium brand is one of your criteria. Also, the lack of Android 6.0 at launch disappoints further.

Had the price been closer to Rs 10,000 for the J5 and around Rs 13,000 for the J7, it wouldn’t have seemed like such a bad deal. And maybe, seeing the response, Samsung does it sooner than later. But until then, it’s best to take a pass on these two handsets.