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The CPU on Xbox One gets a slight boost, adds up to the numerous changes made since launch

We’re not really sure whether this would be the final version the Xbox One that hits the shelves in November, given the umpteen changes that have been made to the hardware and software in Xbox One since its announcement. But today, another one gets added to the list and it makes the CPU on the console better. Microsoft has announced that it is upping the clock speed on the eight core CPU from the earlier 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz. Naturally, this would increase the performance and make games smoother or allow developers to make them more beautiful.

So now the Xbox One has a more powerful CPU along with an improved GPU, support for external hard drive, ability to play games without having to be online, ability to play used games as well as using the Xbox One without Kinect being turned on.Of course most of these changes have been done to prevent customers from jumping to the PlayStation 4 camp, which also happens to be $100 cheaper and has been claimed to be more powerful of the two.

Also, the device has gone into production so it is likely that we might just see changes made to the console only on the software side going in the future.