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moto g

Motorola has enjoyed huge success in recent years thanks to budget offerings like the Moto G and the Moto E. However, in the two years since the launch of the original Moto G, other manufacturers have caught up with Motorola and its devices no longer seem the value for money that they once did. Moto G2 (or second generation Moto G) was a subtle update over the original and if Motorola wants to continue drawing crowds to its budget offerings, it needs to offer something out of the box in the upcoming Moto G third generation.

Recent rumors suggest 1GB RAM, Snapdragon 410, 720p display and 13MP camera on the upcoming model. While these specs are respectable, they don’t arouse the same wow factor that the original Moto G did in 2013. Manufacturers like Lenovo (which happens to own Motorola), Xiaomi and others are offering way better specs in the same budget that the Moto G currently sells for.

To keep the same excitement around the third generation of phone, we hope that Motorola goes for at least 2GB RAM, Snapdragon 615 and hopefully a 1080p display on the phone. Oh, and not to forget 4G as well. A 5MP front snapper wouldn’t hurt either, while the battery should be closer to 2,500mAh at least. These specs and the reputation around the brand should give Motorola enough firepower against the likes of Mi4i. Anything below (especially in the processor and RAM department) would only disappoint.

There’s still some time before the new Moto G comes out and we hope Motorola decides to make these necessary changes instead of giving us a sub par¬†phone which in all essence, feels like the next gen Moto E instead.