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nokia tone

Nokia Tune, or Grande Valse as it is also known, is perhaps the most famous ringtone on the planet. And while the  theme of the ringtone has remained the same over the last 19 or so years, Nokia has time and again made minute changes to keep it in line with the modern music trends. The latest one comes as the eight change to the ringtone in its history of being the voice of Nokia phones. Along with the Nokia Tune, the company has also made changes to the alarm clock, email, calendar, messages and start-up sounds.

The official Nokia blog also talks about how the latest change to the tone came into being. Apparently, the team including sound design experts Tapio Hakanen and Henry Daw wanted to make subtle changes to the tone rather than radical ones. The team got its inspiration from the old sounds and finally created four tunes, out of which one was selected after consulting consumers and sound experts. The team also wanted a tone that could be enjoyed all over the world, keeping the cultural differences in mind.

Nokia also took special care to design the alarm sound which ” is slower and almost zenish. It starts off slow and lasts for 30 seconds.” Nokia didn’t want to have an alarm tone that went off like a buzzer in the morning and as such this was the tone for which the team received the most spontaneous feedback.

New Nokia Tune along with other updates tones will come uploaded on newer devices. Older devices can get to to rhyme on the new tunes by uploading them from the Nokia Store and the Nokia Design Sound Cloud pages. Lumia users can download the tones and install them using Nokia Ringtone Maker.