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“But how does it compare to the Pureview 808?” This must have been the first question on the minds of millions when Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was announced a few days ago. Thanks to our Russian friends at, we can finally answer that. The folks took side by side shots using both the phones in different conditions and have posted the results for everyone to judge. We’re posting a few of their shots here. The above shot has been taken by Nokia Pureview 808, while the lower one belongs to the Galaxy S4 Zoom.

Comparison 1: City

pureview 808


galaxy s4 zoom



Comparison 2: Night 

pureview 808 2


galaxy s4 zoom 2



Comparison 3: Tree

pureview 808 3

galaxy s4 zoom 3

While at first look  it would appear that the shots captured by Galaxy S4 zoom are better, looking closely (or at actual size) , one would find that Pureview 808 captures much more detail (thanks to the 41MP sensor), with better contrast. However, Galaxy S4 Zoom seemed to perform better in low light conditions. This is obviously due to the fact that Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with optical image stabilization, while Pureview 808 lacks the feature.

Nonetheless, Galaxy S4 Zoom offers great imaging capabilities with a modern OS and better hardware (other than camera) when compared to Pureview 808. Also, the 10x optical zoom is another advantage that the phone has over Pureview 808. The true competitor to Galaxy S4 Zoom would be Nokia EOS, that is expected to pack a 41MP sensor along with OIS and come with Windows Phone 8 onboard. You can check the detailed review of Galaxy S4 Zoom at the source link below and also have a look at some of the macro shots taken with the phone as well as some more comparison shots.