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Xbox 720 and PS4 rumors have created quite a stir in the past few months. The latest addition to the bandwagon is the alleged picture of what appears to be the controller for the next generation PlayStation.


Even though the controller looks quite similar to the one in PS3, it actually isn’t. For starters the black strip in the middle appears to be a touchpad. We believe Sony borrowed this concept from Wii U’s full touch screen controller. The touchpad will not only help in in-game functions, but can be useful while browsing net as well.

There is also a blue strip of light on the top which is similar to the orb we had seen in the Move controller. It could offer similar features but we can’t really say.¬†With the PlayStation release being pegged for 20 February all would become clear. Also it is noteworthy that it is a prototype model and the actual controller might look considerable different.