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nokia 6 inch phablet panel

While Nokia crossed into uncharted territories with the Lumia 625 and its 4.7 inch display, many among us are eagerly waiting for a true phablet from the company. We’re pretty sure Nokia is already working on one and if the new image from China is true, Nokia’s next jump on the screen size would be huge. Allegedly, Nokia is working on a 6 inch phablet, which according to the source, is from production. So it could either be just a prototype or the final thing that has gone into mass production.

There’s nothing more mentioned about the specs but what we can see from the image, it seems Nokia has decided to go with a thin bezel this time (since a thick one would only make the already large phone more difficult to handle). There’s also space for front facing camera and proximity sensor on the phone.

It is expected Nokia’s phablet would come after the GDR3 update is out, since it would allow the use of 1080p display. Also, the phablet is expected to pack a quad core processor. 2GB RAM is pretty much on the cards since Lumia 1020 came with the same memory too. We might also see Nokia use its star performer, the 41 megapixel sensor on the phone to give it a better shot against the likes of Xperia Z Ultra and Samsung Galaxy Note III.

We might see Nokia launching the phone for Holiday this year. Of course, this is all speculation for now, so we advice you not to get your hopes up just yet.