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nvidia tegra 4 vs s4

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One reason why Qualcomm chips have been more popular than their Tegra counterparts is the availability of built in LTE. Nvidia tried to address that with an optional chip in Tegra 4 but then, that isn’t very battery friendly.

So to solve this problem Nvidia has come out with a brand new chipset called the Tegra 4i. Codenamed ‘Project Grey’, the Tegra 4i processor follows the same 4 plus 1 architecture found in Tegra 4, but drops raw power in favour of built in LTE. Unlike the Tegra 4’s Cortex A15 cores, the Tegra 4i packs four Cortex A9 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz along with a fifth battery saving core. The chipset comes with the iLTE 500 modem built directly into the die. The Tegra 4i packs 60 graphics cores vs the 12 found in Tegra 3. The new chipset’s camera capabilities include the ‘NVIDIA Chimera’ computational photography architecture that was recently announced in Tegra 4. This allows it to deliver always on high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities and panoramic photos with HDR.

Nvidia also claims this to be the world’s fastest quad core processor (as usual), but that remains to be seen. It’ll be interesting to see what the first batch of phones packing the Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i processors have to offer.