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tegra roadmap

Nvidia has shared some information about its Tegra line of SoC at the Nvidia GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. The roadmap reveals the products in line after the Tegra 4. Codenamed Logan and Parker (after Wolverine and Spiderman’s real last name, if you didn’t guess it already) the SoC should see the light of the day in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Logan, which will be direct successor to Tegra 4 will be Nvidia’s first SoC to feature CUDA, Nvidia’s solution for paralled computing on GPU. The GPU on the SoC will be come with OpenGL 4.3, allowing for features such as tessellation, computer shaders and geometry shaders. This would be a big jump over present OpenGL 3.0 standards.

Next in line is Parker, which will contain the codename Denver CPU that is capable of 64 bit computing. It will also bring Maxwell GPU to the table. The SoC will be built using 3D transistors. All the capabilities of Logan will be carried forward to Parker. The SoC will hit the market sometime in 2015. All we can think of is bad days coming for the Sony PSP and Nintendo handhelds.