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Intel have always played the catch up game as far as GPUs are concerned, with their products being no match to the superior offerings from AMD and Nvidia. Anyway, slowly and steadily the company is climbing the ladder and the fourth gen Intel graphics will be much superior than anything that the company has offered so far. The next gen graphics will be divided into five tiers (against two in the present generation), including GT1 (Intel HD), GT2 (Intel HD Graphics 4600,440,4200), GT3-15W (Intel HD Graphics 5000), GT3-28W(Intel Iris 5100) and GT3e (Iris Pro 5200), The Iris series will be the jewels of the company’s GPU crown.

28TDP processors will be getting a 2x performance gain, while the power conscious 15TDP processors that will most likely replace 17TDP processors found in current crop of Ultrabooks will show a slightly lesser improvement.

Iris tier of GPUs that will be found on power hungry desktop processors will shows improvements as high as 3x over the current generation.

While we can’t really say how these chips will perform in read world tasks, we’re pretty sure you’ll at least be able to play this year’s games with respectable visuals on a decent frame rate.

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