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smartphone os race

After releasing the manufacturer based breakdown of the smartphone market earlier this week, Strategy Analytics have now come up with OS based breakdown of the market. Unsurprisingly, Android sits at the top.

android marketshare

The green bot accounted for 81 percent of all shipments in Q3, selling 204 million units running with it onboard. In the same period an year ago, the OS shipped on 129 million devices. Apple continued to be in the second spot, but lost over two percentage points of market share. Volumes grew to 33.8 million, but couldn’t keep in line with the overall growth rate of the market. Q4 should be interesting for Apple, since the two new iPhones would be introduced in several new markets.

The third spot was captured by Windows Phone, controlling a decent 4 percent of the smartphone market, double of what it did in the same period last year. A major reason was the success of Nokia in North America, where it managed to sell some 1.4 million devices. BlackBerry is out of the race for the third position in the ecosystem wars and could only ship 2.5 million units.

Others shrank to 0.5 million units, showing that people generally prefer the top three platforms over anything else.