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apple a7 chip

While other phones have their CPU details leaked out well before their actual launch, iPhone 5s finds itself on the other side of the fence, with details about the processor being unknown even after the launch. Well, today is the day when this mystery gets solved. Folks over at Chipworks have managed to get their hands on the iPhone 5s and they torn it down to reveal its innards.

The A7 processor on the iPhone 5s is based on 28nm high-k metal gate (HKMG) process and appears to have been manufactured by Samsung. The processor can go up to a maximum clock speed of 1.3GHz. On the GPU side, the iPhone 5s features a quad-core IMG PowerVR G6430, which is supposed to among the finest in the market right now. The GPU supports OpenGL 3.0, DirectX 10 and OpenCL 1.x.

The RAM on the new iPhone continues to be 1GB, however, this time around it is LPDDR3 instead of LPDDR2 used in the iPhone 5.

So far Apple’s A7 is the only chip to use the new ARM v8 cores, while the PowerVR GPU on the phone is also exclusive to the iPhone 5s at the moment.

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