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amd 7790

While Nvidia’s last announcement involved obliterating the competition and creating something that is out of reach for most of us, AMD decided to build something for the masses. The HD 7790, while not exactly as powerful as the GTX Titan, is considerably cheaper at $149 and we aren’t complaining. Sitting between the  7770and the 7850, HD7790 will be looking to fill the performance gap.

For a price of $149, you get 28nm manufactured silicon with 128 bit bus width and 1GB RAM clocked in at 6GHz. Not only is it cheaper than the 7850 but also consumes almost half the power at 85 watts vs 150 watts on the 7850. While it may also have half the memory, half the memory width and half the RAM, it offers only 30 percent less computing power than the 7850. It manages to beat the 7770 though, with  around 50 percent more computing power at similar wattage.

But of course the card’s competition would be against Nvidia GTX 650 Ti. Performance charts show the 7790 gaining position against the 650 Ti in most of the games. With the 650 Ti also retailing close to $140, AMD has a solid mid range product that can hold its its own against the green army.