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google office

Reports are coming in from WSJ that Google is working on multiple devices that might soon make it into your living room. The first among these is an Android powered gaming console. According to the report, Google is closely monitoring the success of OUYA, another Android powered gaming device available for $99 and could well come out with its own version of the device to take on bigger players like Microsoft and Sony with their Xbox One and PS4 respectively. No other details have been mentioned about the device except that it may be announced this fall.

Another of Google’s hardware endeavors, Nexus Q, which was shelved due to the high price tag might be given a second chance with the company working on its successor. People familiar with the matter told WSJ that the next iteration of the device will be much cheaper and as such help market Google Play Movies and Music services better.

The last on the hardware list is the Google smartwatch. We’ve already heard about it in the past but the report claims that the watch might come with next version of Android.

Finally, the report also talked about the next version of Android (Key Lime Pie) which is said to bring support to a host of new devices including home appliances, laptops and wearable. The next version of Android is also being tailored to specifically work smoothly on low end devices, which make up for the bulk of the sales. Android 5.0 could be announced this Fall.


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