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iphone 5c

Hoping to make inroads in the exponentially growing Indian smartphone market, Apple has launched the 8GB version of the iPhone 5c in the market. The phone was announced in March and was seen as a move to offer a “budget” smartphone from the company’s stables.

At Rs 37,500 (approx. $635), it is still not cheap though. The 16GB version of the phone which has a retail tag of Rs 41,500, is already being sold for the same price as the 8GB iPhone 5c by retailers like Flipkart and Amazon. As such, it is understandable that the actual price of the phone might settle around Rs 33,500.

How successful Apple gets with the new launch remains to be seen. iPhone is gaining traction in the market as a premium product, but given that the 5c is basically a two year old phone and there are far better phones available in the market at this price, it would be a challenge convincing buyers to get the low memory option.