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Schematics of upcoming 5th generation iPad have surfaced on the net and according to what can be seen in these diagrams, iPad 5 (let’s call it that for now) looks more like iPad Mini than the iPad 4.

ipad 5 compared to ipad 4

The schematic shows that the curved edges that were apparent on the iPad 4 won’t be seen on the next generation iPad. Instead, the the tablet will feature straighter lines with rounded edges. Further, the next generation iPad will be considerably thinner than the iPad 4. According to the source the new iPad will be 25 percent thinner than the current one. We aren’t particularly surprised at that, since we’ve already seen Sony achieve what it has with Xperia Tablet Z.

ipad 5 dimensions

Another image shows the dimensions of the next gen iPad which stand at 232 x 178.5 x 7.9mm thick. That’s considerable thinner than iPad 4’s 9.2mm waistline and close to that of iPad Mini’s 7.2mm thickness.

Of course, all this should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, since there’s no way we can actually confirm that these claims are 100 percent true.