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Market research analyst Kantar is out with their numbers for the three months ending May 2013 and as expecting Android continues to dominate the market with a strong lead over iOS and others. The OS has the strongest presence in Europe, where it has over 70 percent share in the top five countries of EU.

Spain is Android’s biggest stronghold with over 92 percent control over the market. The OS has strong presence in Germany (76.3 percent), France (65.2 percent) and Italy (69.2 percent). Consequently iOS has a low presence in these markets with 4.2 percent share in Spain, 15 percent in Germany and 15 percent in Italy. The OS gained market share in all the countries. Samsung, unsurprisingly accounted for half the Android sales in the top five nations of EU.

USA is iOS’ safe haven, with the OS capturing 41.9 percent market in the country behind Android’s 52 percent. The OS gained 3.5 percentage points in the country in the three months. China and Australia also continue to be important markets for Apple, with around a quarter of market share held by iOS in both the countries. iPhone is also popular in Britain with a 30 percent control on the market.

As for Windows Phone, it continued its march forward, strengthening its third spot. The OS now holds more than 5 percent market share in major EU countries, with Great Britain and Italy leading the charge. At this pace, the OS might have atleast a 10 percent market share by the end of third quarter. In Italy and Germany, the gain in market share were made at the expense of iOS. In US and China, the penetration of the OS is still relatively low.

As for Blackberry, their new OS has failed to make any dent in the market. The platform lost share in all the markets and it doesn’t look like things are going to change around anytime soon for the Canadian manufacturer.

Symbian is almost out of charts now except in Mexico, where it still holds a 10 percent marker share ahead of iOS’ 9.2 percent.

You can check out the exact details in the table below.

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