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lumia 530

The upcoming Lumia 530 has come up on Vietnamese web shop Mainguyen. The web shop has been accurate in the past, so there’s a good change that the specs listed by the website are indeed what we’ll be seeing on the Lumia 530 in the coming months.

Similar to what we saw with the Lumia 630, it seems like Nokia and Microsoft have taken a step back with the phone. In many ways the phone feels inferior to the Lumia 520 from what the leak says about the specs. Lumia 530 will be packing a 4 inch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Although, with the extra pixel likely for the onscreen buttons, the overall usable area on the screen will be less than that of Lumia 520. The processor is also a step back with a Snapdragon 200 being used on the phone, unlike the Lumia 520 which came with a Snapdragon S4. The RAM and camera stay the same at 512MB and 5MP respectively. However, the memory has been halved to 4GB instead of 8GB on the Lumia 520. The phone will also pack a 1,430mAh battery and a compass (we doubt if we’ll see ambient light sensor and proximity sensor on the phone). The only major improvements that we see are dual SIM compatibility and ClearBlack display.

With such specs, we wonder how will the Lumia 530 manage to live up to the expectations that have been set in place by the sales of its predecessor. Perhaps, Microsoft is looking to market the phone at even a lower price point than the Moto E. If you ask us, we’d pick the Lumia 520 over this one any day.