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Apple iPhone 5S might looks similar to the iPhone 5 on the outside, but inside, it is a whole different beast. While, rather than giving us numbers, Apple as always, told that the GPU and CPU on the iPhone 5S are twice as fast as its predecessor’s, we now have tests that actually prove that.

Apple iPhone 5S GPU gets tested, beats everything except Adreno 330

As the results show, not only is the new GPU in the iPhone 5S more powerful than the PowerVR SGX543MP3 on the iPhone 5, but also matches in performance with the current market leader Adreno 330. The A7 GPU (which could most likely be a PowerVR) supports OpenGL ES 3.0, however the older GFXBench 2.5 Egypt HD only uses OpenGL ES 2.0. The newer tests (2.7 Egypt) should give a more accurate clue of what this GPU is actually capable of. Still, we can expect good days for mobile gaming ahead, and you needn’t wait long to the iPhone 5S’ GPU in its full glory, since Infinity Blade III would be hitting the platform on September 20th.