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iphone 6 and se

While Apple hasn’t changed the “MRP” of its phones in India, last month saw the prices go up anywhere between 20-30% for all the iPhone handsets¬†available on online marketplaces such as Flipkart and Amazon in the country. While these handsets were being discounted at these portals before, the hike saw their prices marked closer to what Apple recommends as the selling price for these handsets. The move led many users looking to pick up a phone from Apple’s product line to reconsider and get something different (much to the delight of Android manufacturers). However, after a month of high prices, it seems like they have corrected mildly for most of the handsets having the fruit logo on the back.

The iPhone SE, which was launched recently for an asking price of Rs 39,990 can now be picked for as low as Rs 35,299 on Flipkart for the 16GB model. That’s a sharp drop of Rs 4,000 in just a month of the phone’s availability. Similarly, the iPhone 6 which saw a price increase from Rs 31,999 to Rs 40,000-41,000 is now available for Rs 35,999. Also, the iPhone 5s which was retailing for as high as Rs 27,000 can now be picked for around Rs 21,000. There’s no change in the price of iPhone 6S though and it continues to retail for Rs 47,000, up from Rs 41,000 a month ago.

We’re not sure what led to the drop in prices this week. Apple posted the first ever decline in iPhone sales last quarter and the company has high hopes with India as a market in the future. It seems like the decision to hike the prices wasn’t well received in the market and Apple responded with a mild discount to lure back customers. We’re not sure if the prices would fall any further in the future or not, but it seems like it would be a good time to pick an iPhone if you’re planning to get one.