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apple watch

While anything that Apple makes is an instant success these days, Apple Watch has supposedly failed to live up to the expectations of both the company and the consumers. The lack of features on the launch, as well as buggy third party apps has brought down the excitement around the product. Now analysts are dropping their sales estimates for Cupertino’s first foray into the wearables. A recent forecast by Pacific Crest Securities expects Apple to sell 10.5 million watches in the last two quarters of this year, while the next year’s forecast has also been revised to 21 million from 24 million earlier. Even the searches around the watch on the internet, as well as store visits are going down.

Even though that might sound like doom and gloom for the Apple Watch, it’s still far from it. You must keep in mind that Apple managed to sell more watches on the first day that what Android Wear managed in its first year. Also, Apple Watch the fastest product from the company to reach a million sales mark (it took one day for the watch to break that milestone) compared to the iPhone and the iPad. Yes, it’s loosing heat and traction, but Apple should be able to address most of the issues, as well as add much needed new features in the second iteration of the watch. Given that the market is still niche, it might take some time for people to start showing some serious interest in the smartwatch space. And when it happens, Apple would already have a solid product in store developed after learning from its initial mistakes.