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Mobile processors and GPUs just seem to get better and better. Forget one year, we’re seeing as much as double the performance gains and power efficiency in under six months these days. So it was no surprise when ARM announced the Mali T760, successor to the Mali T-6xx series. The third generation T-series GPU comes almost an year after the current model. Improvements include 16 times more raw power over its predecessor, while the power consumption has dropped to one fourth (performance per watt). A quick look at numbers reveal that the CPU clocks a maximum frequency of 700MHz and can churn 1.39GTriangles per second and 11.2GPixels per second. It’ll be interesting too see how it fares against the current leader Adreno 330.

The other GPU that was announced is the Mali T720. Designed keeping Android in mind, the GPU supports OpenGL ES 3.0 and clocks at 600MHz with 533MTriangles per second and 4.8GPixels a second.

Among other users, we’re expecting Samsung to incorporate the T760 in its next generation Exynos chipsets, which should give their phones ample power to take on gaming consoles of atleast the last generation (we mean the Xbox 360 and PS3).