Best Cordless Landline Phones in India 2020

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In this generation, cordless landline phones could be found in many homes because they provide better sound quality, better coverage, convenience for emergency situations, easy reachability, and connecting families as much elderly use this means of communication, and much more.

We have a solid guess that you want to install a cordless landline phone on your property to ease your life. So, here are some important factors that you might want to keep in mind before making a purchase.

  • Battery Life – You want your phone to have a good battery backup. Typically a cordless landline phone’s battery is rechargeable, but some models need complete battery replacement. A fully charged battery should power up the device for more than 8 hours, don’t settle for a phone that offers less than 5 hours of standby.
  • Display – Most cordless landline phones come with an in-built LCD display. This is extremely useful because all the important information like battery strength, caller ID, phone book, etc. will be projected on the screen. Go for a bigger LCD display (above 1.5 inches) if you have issues with the vision.
  • Usability – This includes weight, keypad backlight, controls, security, ergonomic design, etc. If you are installing a cordless landline phone for the elderly, make sure you focus on the usability too!

We will look at other important factors later in our brief Buying Guide of this article. That said, the Indian market is loaded with brands that manufacture cordless landline phones. We did the exhausting work to save your time on test and research and brought some of the Best cordless landline phone in India,. Let’s look at them:

Best Cordless Landline Phones in India 2020

Best Cordless Landline Phones in IndiaCaller IDDisplayWarrantyBuy Now
Beetel X91 Cordless Phone201.6 Inch LCD1 YearBuy Now
Motorola T201I Cordless Phone501.5 Inch LCD1 YearBuy Now
Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Phone501.8 inch LCDBuy Now
Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Phone 50LCD1 YearBuy Now
Motorola Cordless Phone202.2 inch LCD1 YearBuy Now
Beetel X78 Cordless Phone1501.5 Inch LCD1 YearBuy Now
PANASONIC KX TG Cordless Phone1001.8 inch LCDBuy Now

Best Cordless Landline Phones in India 2020: Reviews

1. Beetel X91 Cordless Phone

Beetel X91 Cordless Phone

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Beetel is a very renowned brand for bringing high quality affordable cordless phones, and this X91 is one of them. It features a backlit display that reflects blue color, which gives it a very stunning look.

This 2.4GHz device is very efficient and convenient to use. Only A-grade materials are used to make its body, which makes it ultra-durable. The user-friendly design helps you find and dial contacts without any hassle, even if you are in a dark environment.

It comes with 2-way speakers along with 20 Polyphonic ringtones, so you have plenty of options to choose from. With this cordless phone, you get 8 to 9 hours of talk time as well as 100 standby support. This means you could talk to your friends and family without worrying about anything.

The in-built phonebook enables you to save up to 100 contacts with identity. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, stylish back finishing is given. And the 2.4 GHz makes sure that your connection stays active and you get a clearer voice without any distortions.

Specifications of Beetel X91 Cordless Phone

Caller ID 20
LCD Display 1.6 Inch LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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2. Motorola T201I Cordless Phone

Motorola T201I Digital Cordless Telephone

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A high-quality cordless phone that is perfect for both residential and commercial use. This statement truly justifies Motorola T201I. It flaunts a super clean design, which makes it suitable for people of all ages. The built is extremely strong, and to make it even more durable, rubber buttons are incorporated.

With a huge battery capacity of 10 hours, this device ensures uninterrupted communication for a longer duration. It got an amazing appreciation for its lightweight design and smooth body touch. The blue light from the LCD screen looks soothing, and this phone allows you to store 5 ringtones, 50 contacts, and 10 redials.

One great feature that you will see is the keypad lock, which ensures full privacy protection. However, it is a B&W display, but you will love the luminous blue backlight.

The good thing about this device is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. This means if the device gets any manufacturer errors, then you will have the power to ask for a replacement.

Specifications of Motorola T201I Cordless Phone

Caller ID 50
LCD Display 1.5 Inch LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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3. Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Phone 

Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Phone 

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The Panasonic KX-TG 6821 is very popular among phone enthusiasts for its stylish design and elegant look. It comes with a 1.8 inches strong display that shows different useful information like caller id.

The user-friendly interface ensures smooth operation and the sleek base makes sure it doesn’t occupy too much space. In this device, you will also get message counters as well as an error connection system, which reduces the distortion while having long conversations.

Coming to the storage capacity, you could save up to 50 contacts in the caller display, and you also get space to store 120 more.

The main thing that sets it apart from others is its 15 hours of talking time along with 7 hours charging and 170 hours standby. Apart from this, this cordless phone also comes with an amazing recording feature that enables you to generate a 30-minute copy of your messages.

It features a wall-mountable design, making it perfect for people who have space issues as they could easily place it anywhere they want.

Specifications of Panasonic KX-TG 6821 Cordless Phone 

Caller ID 20
LCD Display 1.8 Inch LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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4. Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Phone 

Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Phone

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The KX-TG3611SX is another great cordless phone from Panasonic. The sleek and well-designed frame of these devices will add more aesthetics to your home interior. It features a high-quality LCD and to make it easily functional in dark environments because it is backlit.

Equipped with an alphanumeric keypad, this device is very convenient to operate. It is a single-line compatible device that comes with 7-ringer patterns.

Its compact design and hands-free functionality enable you to place it on shelves and walls. This cordless phone is specially made for people who want a feature-loaded device at a budget-friendly cost. It comes with a clock, digital security code, alarm, paging, and many more useful functions.

The 265 hours standby and 3A Ni MH battery allow communicating with your friends and family for more than 5 hours. It also has a ring alert and light-up indicator that notifies you when you get a message or missed call.

Specifications of Panasonic KX-TG3611SX Cordless Phone

Caller ID 50
LCD Display LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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5. Motorola Cordless Phone

Motorola Cordless Phone

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This wireless phone from Motorola is slightly different from other products on this list. It features a landline design that looks very professional.

However, you won’t get the same portability as other units, but the functions are more advanced. It comes with the capacity to save up to 100 SMS, and you also get the option to save them on your SIM card.

The 2.2-inch B&W display looks elegant, and the hands-free mechanism makes it very convenient to take calls. One great thing about this phone is that it allows you to use your 4G and 3G SIM cards.

However, the network capabilities will still be 2G. The battery backup of this device is excellent, and you could save more than 1000 names in the phone book. It also gives you the option to set a preferred ringer melody.

The receiver, along with the entire body, is made of good grade materials, so you can expect great longevity. The buttons feel nice while dialling numbers and you can also see 20 redial memory and Caller ID list on the screen.

Specifications of Motorola Cordless Phone

Caller ID 20
LCD Display 2.2Inch LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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6. Beetel X78 Cordless Phone

Beetel X78 Cordless Phone

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If you prefer premium looking, technical devices, then you will love this Beetel X78. It comes with both corded and cordless functionality, so you could easily use it as per your needs.

It functions on a 2.4GHz frequency that ensures distortion-free clear communication.

With this device, you get the freedom to save 150 contacts, and it also gives you an amazing intercom facility. Even if you are in another room, it can easily transfer external incoming phone calls.

The great thing is that it has a 2-way speaker, which makes calling hassle-free. To make this phone safer, a caller ID detection feature is given, which gives you details of the incoming calls.

You could talk while moving here and there without noticing any network and sound issues. It comes with 10 ringer options, so you could assign a different ringing tone to your favorite numbers. One great feature that you will get is the conference call. It enables you to add more members in one call and have a great conversation.

Specifications of Beetel X78 Cordless Phone

Caller ID 150
LCD Display 1.5 LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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7. PANASONIC KX TG Cordless Phone

PANASONIC KX TG Cordless Phone

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This entry-level cordless phone from Panasonic is a suitable option for people who want great sound quality and features. The addition of upgraded DECT features makes this device worth the price and its stylish design adds more details to your home’s interior.

It features a beautiful monochrome display, which makes it easy to view contact details even in low light situations.

Equipped with the advanced Panasonic Noise Reducing technology, this phone ensures flawless communication. It also has a built-in loudspeaker that helps you go hands-free.

One great feature of this phone is that it comes with call barring function, which enables you to block spam calls instantly. You could easily save up to 120 contacts and to make it usable for everyone, user-friendly menu is programmed. It also gives you the freedom to access your most-used apps with a single click.

Despite being a budget phone, it provides 15 hours of talk time along with 170 hours of standby support. If you are in a place with limited electricity access, then you could also use the One-touch Eco modes to reduce power consumption. This will increase the battery life and enable you to use the phone for a longer time.

Specifications of PANASONIC KX TG Cordless Phone

Caller ID 100
LCD Display 1.8Inch LCD
Warranty 1 Year

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Things to Consider 

In India, there are many brands that manufacture cordless landline phones with futuristic features to ease communication. When buying such devices, it is extremely important for you to know what it will offer and how, in the long run, it will impact your buying decision.

So, to help you buy the best model from the list above, we have brought you a brief buying guide with 9 important factors to bear in mind before buying, let us look at them:

1. Display

Cordless landline phones typically come with an LCD screen/display to show different metrics like battery percentage, Caller ID, call length, phone book, and other in-built functions.

When buying a cordless landline phone, make sure you look for a model that has an LCD display of 1.5 inches or more. Well, the bigger the size of the LCD screen, the better usability you will get. A bigger screen will have larger fonts and will be convenient for the elderly who have eyesight problems.

LCD screens are energy efficient regardless of the profile and size, so don’t worry if you are planning to buy a model with a 2.2-inches screen. Cordless landline phones come in different color options. The most common colors you will find are green, orange, blue, white, and grey. This is completely up to your preference.

2. Sound & Frequency

One of the biggest reasons people choose landline phones is because of the superb sound quality that even the best smartphone could not provide. The cordless landline phones function across the allotted radiofrequency. Normally, you will get to see three dominating platforms – 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and DECT 6.0.

A 2.4 GHz or 2400 MHz frequency is enough for a crystal clear sound even if you are talking overseas. That being said, if you have a lot of electronic gadgets on your property, then you may want to go for a 5.8 GHz phone as there might be some interference in your signal.

A 5.8 GHz or DECT 6.0 are common options in the marketplace, so if you want a cordless landline phone for your home or office which has a loud environment and signal interference, consider buying a model with these frequencies.

3. Battery

Make sure you go for a model that has a battery backup of more than 5 hours. A typical cordless landline phone comes with a Lithium-Ion battery. These types of batteries are very efficient and have longer charge retention in contrast to AAA or AA batteries. A fully charged battery of a cordless landline phone should stand-by for more than 8 hours.

4. Memory

The memory of your phone is the capacity to hold a number of contacts, including name and number. The saved number will be displayed on the LCD screen along with other call information.

The average memory of a cordless landline phone is 50; however, many models allow you to save hundreds or more contacts in your phonebook/quick-dial. If you want a cordless landline phone with 100+ memory, go for the Beetel X78 model mentioned above which can hold 150 contacts in the phone book.

5. Caller ID Function

This is the factor that many people don’t take into consideration before buying a cordless landline phone, but they should.

Many phones come with an in-built Caller ID feature, when you subscribe to a Caller ID service, the details of the incoming calls like registered name and number will flash on the LCD screen even before you pick it up. Moreover, if you are engaged in a call, you will get to see the Caller ID of the second incoming call giving a smartphone-like convenience.

6. Speakerphone

Another important feature to look for in the cordless landline phone is the speakerphone feature. This feature will come in handy in many cases like if you feel tired holding the receiver, want to complete other work while talking, or if you want other people to join in the conversation, etc.

This is a very useful feature for the elderly who are hard of hearing. Plus, the process to turn on the speakerphone is not so complicated, you have to simply put down the receiver and receive the call on speaker for the best hands-free experience.

7. Usability

This is a subjective factor, as the requirements or needs may vary from person to person. That being said, here below are some common features you need to look for in a cordless landline phone for optimal usability:

  • Illuminated keypad: This is a good feature that will allow clear visibility in a dark environment.
  • Noise reduction: People living in a busy neighborhood can go for a phone that comes with a noise reduction feature for the best telephonic conversation.
  • Better Security: If you don’t want interference in your private chats, go for a phone that offers more security measures.
  • Controls: Make sure the number and text on the keypad are clear and easy to read.
  • Customization: Personalizing your phone by setting ringtone, brightness, speed-dial preset, etc. will provide better usability.


When you invest in such types of technologies, there are chances it may show some inadequacy at some point in time; this is where warranty comes into the picture and save your resources. Most brands offer 6 months to 1 complete year of warranty for the product. Read the warranty description carefully before buying the model.


When choosing a cordless landline phone, you should bear in mind some important factors to make the most out of your investment. Things like battery life, display, sound quality, frequency, usability, etc. play a very important role in a cordless landline phone. You can read more about these factors in our buying guide section.

Once you have learned all the factors, you can go and check out the nine best cordless landline phones that we have reviewed and are doing exceptionally well in the Indian market. However, if you are still confused about what model to choose, we can give you a quick suggestion about some of our top picks.

  • If you are searching for a portable cordless phone, then Motorola T201 Cordless Phone is the best option for you. It’s a budget device that provides 10 hours of talk time. You will also get a 1-year warranty for any manufacturer defects.
  • Our second recommendation is the Panasonic Cordless Phone, which is one of the stylish phones available in the market. It comes with a hands-free feature, and you could also mount it on the walls. With a good talk time of 5 hours, this device makes sure that communication doesn’t get interrupted.
  • For people who love high-tech devices, this Beetel X78 Cordless Phone is perfect. It comes with both corded and cordless functionality and also allows you to execute conference calls. It comes with a 2.4GHz frequency, so you can expect crystal clear conversations.

Hope this article has helped you decide on which model you should set-up in your estate to enjoy the best conversation. Good Luck!