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When it comes to professional photographs, then studio lighting should never be compromised. Moreover, for the smaller object, it gets a lot more difficult as the focus area tend to become small and you would need to make it shadow-less as well.

The solution of this problem is not very difficult and a photo shooting tent can potentially help you to deal with the issue. Apparently you should definitely have this in your kitty especially if you are a professional photographer.

But, the matter of fact is that purchasing photo shooting tent is not easy and you need to keep a number of things in mind before buying. Let us have a look:-

  • Size

Photo shooting tents are perhaps available in different kinds of sizes. There are smaller sizes available in the market through which for instance regular smartphone can be photographed.

Besides this, there are models available that can even snap a human adult. So, it boils down to the kind of photography that you wish to take.

  • Ease of use

Ease of use is perhaps a very important factor that you need to keep in mind before you purchase photo shooting tents in India. So, you should ideally purchase a product that is easy to assemble & dissemble.

A lot of people tend to prefer a product that is thin, compact and perhaps can easily be popped into the box. Moreover, look out for something that doesn’t need specialized tools for assembly/disassembly.

  • Shooting angles

Some of the photo shooting tents have open front panel while some of them have their sides closed while having small openings present around the camera lens.

So, irrespective of the model that you purchase, make sure that it has different shooting angles. Also, ensure that the product is having opening present at the top and at the front.

Thus, to help you out in the decision making process, we have come up with the reviews regarding the best shooting tents in India. Let us have a look:-

Best Shooting Tents in India

Photo Shooting TentsShooting areaNo of backdropsWarrantyBuy Now
Smile drive Photo Lighting Booth24-inch * 24- inch4N/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio16.5-inch * 16.5- inch21 yearCHECK ON AMAZON
BOXTUDIO Tabletop Portable Photo Studio25-inch x 30-inch x 25-inchN/A10 days replacementCHECK ON AMAZON
Osaka Portable Photo Studio15 -inch x 15-inch x 15 -inchN/A6 monthsCHECK ON AMAZON
Neewer Photo Shooting Tent24-inch x 24-inch3N/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Depthlan Folding Photo Studio Kit24-inch x 24-inch4N/ACHECK ON AMAZON
ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box8.7-inch x 9.5-inch x 9.0-inchN/AN/ACHECK ON AMAZON
Osaka 5 in 1 Photography Camera Reflector24-inch x 24-inch4N/ACHECK ON AMAZON

Top Shooting Tents in India

1. Smile drive Photo Lighting Booth

Smiledrive portable photo shoot tent

In order to get professional, clear and crisp photos, you don’t need to be a professional photographer. This Photo lighting booth from Smile Drive is indeed a complete & reliable home photography kit that you can ideally purchase.

It is also equipped with super bright LED lights through which you can capture the photos of the products beautifully. On top of this, they come with magnetic tips and they can efficiently be fixed on the top of the photo-booth cover.

This photo lighting booth is also available in a very handy bag in which you can easily carry the unassembled photo booth and the accessories. Also, it is quite portable in nature and thus you can conveniently take it at any location.

Moreover, the set up process of this photo booth is quite hassle free and the assembly manual is included in this product.

The following photo lighting booth has a wide range of application and it can be used for capturing earphones, mobiles, electronics garden, jewellery, passport covers and any other products.

One great aspect we liked about this product is that it can be assembled easily. All you would have to do is perhaps insert the robs present in the plastic knob and further make a shape of the cube.

Also, once the shape of cube is made, then the next thing that you probably need to do is perhaps wrap it around the photo booth cover. The matter of fact is that LED lights easily stick on the cover by the help of the magnetic strips.

Likewise, it is available in 2 colors background i.e. white & black. Additionally, a silver reflector which is heat resistant is also available with this product. Thus, you will get satisfying result while you would be shooting with your smart phone or DSLR camera.

The best part is that this product is completely made in India using the highest quality of material. Moreover, with this product, you also get a warranty of 1 year.


Shooting area: 16.5-inch * 16.5- inch

No of backdrops: 2

Weight: 2.46 kg

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: 1 year

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2. Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

Make photography a lot more portable, affordable and easier with the assistance of this Amazon Basics Portable photo studio. This photo studio is equipped with integrated LED lights which makes it easy to capture images using smartphone or camera.

It is portable & easy to set up and thus it is a perfect for professionals, advertisers and hobbyists.

With Amazon Basics Portable photo studio, you get optimized lighting options. The main light helps to fill up the box while the second light helps out in providing directional highlight and accent. Further, the role of inside walls is to bounce the fill light into the object.

Each light is perhaps daylight balanced at  5600K alongside high Colour Rendering Index such that you get consistent colour, good contrast and enough output for the purpose of handheld photography.

Apart from this, the diffusion material safeguard the LEDs while eliminating the LED-dot-reflections and softening shadows.

Moreover, the background material is covered with white Zero-texture durable coating. It consists of front flap having 3 doors that helps out in maximizing the image angles while minimizing the reflection from outside.

This photo studio from Amazon Basics is convenient to use and it doesn’t need any assembly. Thus, it can easily be set up in less than a minute. Also, each components are assembled neatly such that transportation can be done in a hassle freeway.

Additionally, a small pouch is also present with the product using which you can hold business cards and many other items as well.

The best thing we liked about this product is that it comes with two-light approach which provides directional contrast and highlights similar to the studio lighting set-up. Hence, it can truly be perfect for your creative needs.

Besides this, with the assistance of background hanger, you can use different kind of backgrounds to get the kind of look and feel that you would ideally want. Likewise, you can make use of spacious imaging area by using props and other kind of photographic tools in order to enhance the images.

Lastly, this product has been designed to offer complete protection and durability. Moreover, it has been tested Rigorously with the highest standards and thus it is perfect for using on a daily basis.


Shooting area: 25-inch x 30-inch x 25-inch

No of backdrops: N/A

Weight: 6.8 kg

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: 10 days replacement

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3. BOXTUDIO®-Tabletop Portable Photo Studio

BOXTUDIO Tabletop Portable PhotoStudio

It is a portable photo studio that can be quite useful for Product reviewers, E-Commerce stores, Sculptors, food photographers, Animators, Instagram influencers , Retailers, online market place to name a few.

The product has been engineered in such a way that it can provide you with best settings when it comes to product photography. Moreover, it is equipped with energy efficient LEDs such that optimal details and illumination can be provided to the product.

Also, it has been designed in a way that photography can be taken using the smartphones. The best part is that it takes less than a minute to setup and after that you can take amazing pictures. Thus, you can very well click pictures just like professionals without having the knowledge of photography.

This photo studio is very durable & portable and it has a very low energy consumption. Likewise, it is easy to clean and has zero maintenance cost. On top of this, it helps to save money, time and efforts.

Lastly, the product is 100% made in India and they have very good customer care executive who can efficiently resolve any issue that you might be facing. Lastly, this photo studio offers 6 months warranty which ensures that you get the peace of mind.


Shooting area: 15 -inch x 15-inch x 15 -inch

No of backdrops: N/A

Weight: 1.68 kg

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: 6 months

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4. Osaka Portable Photo Studio

Osaka photoshoot tent

This is another product that features on our list of the best photo shooting tents in India. It is backed with Hook & loop design which makes it quite easy to setup and carry. Also, no complicated assembly or connecter is needed and thus the installation can happen in a very short span of time.

It can also fold into itself and comes alongside with storage bag where you can easily put in adapter and other objects.

Apart from this, it is equipped with multiple closing and opening ways by which you can select any kind of shooting position. It also has professional silver film which reflects the fabric inside such that light can be diffused evenly and vignette can be avoided.

Additionally, it has rotary knob through which brightness can be adjusted easily without any extra settings. Likewise, it comes with Aluminium shell light plate which has high life expectancy and good heat dissipation.

Furthermore, PVC backgrounds are available in three colours i.e. white, black and orange which makes it convenient to set up the studio scene and perhaps save the PS processing.

Thus, it is perfect for all your photo shooting requirements. Apparently, the LED lighting comes without any flicker which ensures that you get good picture quality without any sort of distortion.

Lastly, you get adjust LED lamps through which brightness can be changed gradually and steadily by the help of the knob.


Shooting area: 24-inch x 24-inch

No of backdrops: 3

Weight: 5.23 kg

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: N/A

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5. Neewer Photo Shooting Tent

Neewer Photo Studio Shooting Tent

If you are looking out for a photo shooting tent to purchase, then this is a product that you can ideally purchase.

It has all the backdrops available which can help to make your photo stand out. Moreover, it has been manufactured using high quality nylon fabric and thus you won’t be disappointed with the purchase.

It has a shooting area of 24-inch x 24-inch x 24-inch and thereby you would be able to take studio like images. Also, for the purpose of internal modelling, three extra large coloured sheets is included.

Additionally, it is available in spring like structure which can be folded down easily and it can easily be stored in a carry case for the purpose of easy transport.

One great thing we liked about this product is that it has removable front opening through which you can take beautiful images at your office or home. Additionally, it comes with detachable front door alongside slit for the camera lens.

Apart from this, the studio kit is equipped with custom carrying case having both hand and shoulder carrying straps.

Lastly, it filters out the light and eliminates the shadows and reflections completely.


Shooting area: 24-inch x 24-inch

No of backdrops: 4

Weight: 304 Grams

In-built LED light: No

Warranty: N/A

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6. Depthlan Folding Photo Studio Kit

Depthlan Folding Photo Studio Kit

This photo studio kit from Depthlan is backed with a foldable design and thus you can easily move it from one place to another. It has a lightweight design and thus it is perfect for products photography.

It is also manufactured using high quality PP material having a matte finish surface. Moreover, it helps in reducing the glare, softening the shadows and diffusing the external source of light. Thus, it is perfect for photographing reflective or shiny objects.

Also, setting up this photo studio is very easy as all the sides is attached through Velcro. It also features two LED light strip having 30 LED lamp beads present at the top & bottom of the box. Hence, it provides average & soft lighting for the object.

Lastly, it comes in four colours backdrops such as red, blue, black and white respectively. All the fabric backgrounds are removable and it helps out in taking professional photos and pictures.


Shooting area: 8.7-inch x 9.5-inch x 9.0-inch

No of backdrops: N/A

Weight: 272 Grams

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: N/A

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7. ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box

This is the last product that features on our list of the best photo shooting tents in India.

With this photo light studio, you get adjustable brightness LED lamps which can be changed easily with the knob. It offers 25000LM lumens and 5500k colour temperature and thus all your professional photo shooting requirements can be easily met.

The LED light is very stable & it doesn’t flicker. Thus, you would get top-notch picture quality without any sought of distortion.

It features Hook & Loop design which can easily be set up & carry. Also, no complicated assembling is needed and it can easily be carried in a storage bag in which you can put other objects and adapter.

It also offers flexible shooting due to the fact that it has multiple opening & closing ways. Hence, you can very well choose any photo shooting position. You will also get professional silver film having reflective fabric which helps out in diffusing the light evenly.

Apart from this, you get rotatory knob through which brightness can be adjusted without any kind of extra setting. Also, it has got aluminium shell light plate which offers great life expectancy and heat dissipation.

Lastly, you get 4 PVC backgrounds and attached diffuser cloth through which studio scene can be easily setup and you would indeed save the PS processing.


Shooting area: 24-inch x 24-inch

No of backdrops: 4

Weight: 4.99 Kg

In-built LED light: Yes

Warranty: N/A

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8. Osaka 5 in 1 Photography Camera Reflector

Osaka reflector

This is the first product that we have included on our list of the best photo shotting tents in India. The product is 5 in 1 photo reflector and it is available in the size of 32 inches. Likewise, it comes in gold, silver, while, black and translucent colour.

It is indeed a versatile device which can be used for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Moreover, it provides shadow-lighting detail by the assistance of studio lighting or available natural lighting.

Silver colour is used for obtaining high contrast image as well as spectacular highlights. On the other hand, gold can be useful for indoor portraits and sunsets.

Further, white colour is used for producing a natural & even coloured light which looks beautiful. Moreover, Black light is ideally used for blocking out the light that is unwanted.

Lastly, translucent fabric is used for diffusing the light and perhaps for creating a soft-wrap around effect.

The best part is that this product is quite durable and it has a flexible steel spring frame which ensures easy closing and spreading.


Shooting area: 24-inch * 24- inch

No of backdrops: 4

Weight: 680 Grams

In-built LED light: No

Warranty: N/A

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Final Verdict

In India, you can find a variety of photo shooting tents available online and thus selecting the right product may get quite difficult.

So, after analysing all our options, we have come up with the list of the best photo shooting tents in India that has been mentioned above. We have gone through thousands of products and further came up with the best products.

But, before buying it , do consider the factors that we have mentioned and also look out for the budget that you might be having. This is very important as you cannot purchase shooting tents on an everyday basis.

We personally advise you to purchase Osaka 5 in 1 Photography camera reflector as it is versatile in nature and it can ideally be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Moreover, it is available at a very economical price.

Another product that you purchase is Smile drive Photo Lighting Booth. It is very portable in nature and comes alongside with best in class LED lights through which products can be captured beautifully. Also, it is very easy to setup and assemble as well.

So, do let us know in the comment section if you have anything to ask.

Happy shopping!