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If you have got yourself a decent DSLR, or even you have a passion for taking pictures with your smartphone. A decent Tripod can amazingly enhance the quality of your shots as a perfect picture only comes out when the camera is stable.

Thus, we have curated a list of Best Tripods for Cameras in India for your all. Our list includes Tripods for every kind of user such as photographers, videographers, and even mobile users as well. Before getting into more details, there are some factors that you must consider before buying:

Max Load Capacity: Although tripods are used to provide stability to your camera, no one would like their camera to be dropped while taking tilted shots. Usually, tripods with load capacity up to 5 Kgs can hold most of the equipment easily without causing any instability of the tripod because of weight.

Max Height: A tripod with height as similar to yours is a good choice as it makes it easier for you to reach the viewfinder and adjust your shots. Moreover, you get more room for height adjustments. On the other hand, make sure to consider the folded height as well so that it does not cause any issues for you while traveling.

Weight of Tripod: Either call it a profession or your passion, it is a field job, and you will need to carry all your equipment from places to places. In that case, carrying a heavy tripod can be slightly overwhelming for you. So, make sure to check the weight and pick the one that you feel comfortable carrying along.

In case you want to know more in-depth details on how to choose the best tripod for cameras in India. We have mentioned a detailed buying guide down below as well that will take you through all the small and effective details and factors to consider before buying a tripod. So, make sure to read this article until the end to find the most suitable tripod for yourself.

Best Tripods for DSLR Camera and Mobile in India 2020

NameMax Load CapacityMax HeightWeight of TripodBuy Now
Digitek DTR 550LW TripodUp to 5 Kg5.57 Feet1200 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Osaka VCT880 TripodUp to 5 Kg5.47 Feet2700 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Tripod Up to 1 Kg0.6 Feet231 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Bosch BT150 Tripod Up to 3 Kg4.11 Feet1270 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK TripodUp to 1.5 Kg4.4 Feet1200 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
AmazonBasics CA013-1 TripodUp to 3.6 Kg4.6 Feet1100 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Vanguard Espod CX 203 Tripod Up to 7.7 Kg5.01 Feet1690 gmCHECK ON AMAZON
Jmary TECH2234 Tripod Up to 4 Kg7.7 Feet1180 gmCHECK ON AMAZON

Best Tripods for DSLR Camera and Mobile in India 2020: Reviews

1. Digitek DTR 550LW Tripod

Digitek DTR 550LW Tripod

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The Digitek DTR 550LW Tripod is one of our personal favorites, all because of its rugged and sturdy aluminum build that feels so premium to handle. Apart from that, this tripod is suitable for all sorts of professional photography tasks as it can withstand weight up to 5 Kg easily.

Thus, it is quite simple and easy for this tripod to support any camera, even with bigger lens systems. On the top, the bubblehead system allows you to move your camera whichever way you want, and even you can detach it as it has a quick-release system too.

Coming to the height, it can expand up to a max height of 5.57 Feet that is divided into 3 sections. It is quite decent, and you can take shots from your eye level and lower levels as per your convenience. Talking about convenience, it only weighs around 1200 grams, so carrying it along with you is neither an issue.

In addition, you get a hook in the center as well, which can be used to hang the camera bags and other stuff. Thus, overall, it is a great deal for the price, and a 1-year warranty is also there, so you should check this one out.

Specifications of Digitek DTR 550LW Tripod

Max Load Capacity Up to 5 Kg
Material Aluminum
Max Height 5.57 Feet
Foldable Height 24 inches
Weight 1200 gm
Warranty 1 Year

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2. Osaka VCT880 Tripod

Osaka VCT880 Tripod


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The Osaka VCT880 Camera Tripod offers you fantastic stability even if you put on a heavy camera on this one. Since its legs are quite wide and the overall body is built out of Aluminum, it can easily support cameras weighing up to 5Kgs without a fuss. However, as it weighs around 2.7 Kgs itself, it adds more stability to the overall system.

But, in terms of portability, it can also be considered as a bummer as not everyone will feel comfortable carrying this heavy tripod. But, if you can compromise that for the safety and stability of your cameras, Osaka VCT880 is absolutely a good choice to pick because of all the helpful features like Self Levelling, Radial Tri-brace, Leg Brace with Lock, Geared Elevator, Elevator Friction.

Since it uses a 3-way pan head mechanism, you can slightly loosen it up and adjust the camera angles pretty easily, and lock it back again. Moreover, the height adjustments of this tripod are pleasing as it has 3 different leg sections that stretch for about 5.47 Feet.

In fact, it remains to be just around 26.7 inches tall when folded. Thus, you can carry it on your back using the carry bag that comes along with it and take it anywhere with you. You can easily adjust the angles using the Bubble level given on top.

Specifications of Osaka VCT880 Tripod

Max Load Capacity Up to 5 Kg
Material Aluminum Oval Section Material
Max Height 5.47 Feet
Foldable Height 26.7 inches
Weight 2700 gm
Warranty N/A

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3. Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Tripod 

Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Tripod

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As the name suggests, the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod is one of the smallest tripods on this list, and also the cheapest one as well. Well, if you compare the features with the pricing, it is not cheaper in any way.

However, the build quality is superb as Aluminum and Technopolymer is used to make this solid tripod. Unlike other tripods, it is a basic tripod with a ball head mechanism that you can simply use with lightweight cameras, like mobiles, digital cameras, mirrorless cameras, etc.

The important thing to mention is that its ball head will stay stable until the weight of the camera is below 1 Kg only.

The three legs squeeze right in and provide you a great grip to hold the tripod. Hence, if you love to make Vlogs, this will be the cheapest and best option for you. Moreover, with the slight push of a button, you can easily unlock the ball head mechanism, and lock it back again at one place by releasing the button so that you can take some crispy sharp and stable shots from your camera.

Overall, it is a great choice for people looking for a smaller camera tripod that can easily fit in any bag and does not weigh much either.

Specifications of Manfrotto MTPIXI-B Tripod 

Max Load Capacity Up to 1 Kg
Material Aluminum and Technopolymer
Max Height 0.6 Feet
Foldable Height N/A
Weight 231 gm
Warranty 10 days replacement guarantee

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4. Bosch BT150 Tripod 

Bosch BT150 Tripod

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Bosch is one of the most well-known brands that manufacture some high-quality tripods for cameras. As we look down to this one here, it is completely built of Aluminum, that is why it’s build quality is strong while it still feels so lightweight weighing around 1270 grams, that might be even lesser than your laptop.

As for the height adjustments, you can adjust it the way you want, all thanks to the 3 height adjustment section. Moreover, it can expand up to a max height of 4.11 Feet, which is quite decent as well.

Even in terms of portability, the tripod can fold down to a size of just 22 inches, which seems pretty easy to carry and won’t be much of a challenge for you. Apart from that, if we talk about its pan head, you can adjust its height as well, and also it is completely adjustable for setting the angles as well.

The recommended weight of the camera to be used with this tripod is up to 3 Kgs. However, you can still push the limits as the build quality is just too good and gives great confidence while using it. The grips are made of a super rubbery material, which gives it a nice stability irrespective of the surface it is standing on.

Specifications of Bosch BT150 Tripod 

Max Load Capacity Up to 3 Kg
Material Aluminum
Max Height 4.11 Feet
Foldable Height 22 inches
Weight 1270 gm
Warranty N/A

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5. Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Tripod 

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Tripod

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The Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Compact Action Tripod explains much about it just by its name. Yes, it’s one of the most compact full-size tripods that can expand up to 4.4 Feet max, but since the folded size is just about 17 inches, it feels so easy to carry. Even the weight of this tripod is only 1200 grams, so you can’t complain about it being less portable. We have seen such pistol grips on various other tripods as well, but the Aluminum build quality and stability are exceptional.

This tripod is perfect for camera equipment that weighs under 1.5 Kgs. Moreover, there are 4 different height adjustment levels on its legs, which make it more versatile to use, and the grips also offer fantastic grip on the slippery surfaces as well.

In addition, you will also get a quick-release plate that you can attach on your camera to mount the camera on this tripod quickly. Do check this out if you are in search of something premium.

Specifications of Manfrotto MKCOMPACTACN-BK Tripod

Max Load Capacity Up to 1.5 Kg
Material Aluminum
Max Height 4.4 Feet
Foldable Height 17.32 inches
Weight 1200 gm
Warranty N/A

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6. AmazonBasics CA013-1 Tripod

AmazonBasics CA013-1 Tripod

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Although this deal might seem a little expensive to some people, it is quite worth the price as you are getting a full-fledged tripod system entirely built out of Carbon Fiber. Hence, the build quality is undeniably exceptional, and it is one of the lightest in weight as well, weighing just around 1.1 Kg.

In fact, the design is quite innovative since you can adjust its legs even in an upright position using the Invertible Centre column to get the low angle shots. Apart from that, the adjustments from the ball head mechanism are quite helpful as you are allowed to adjust your camera angles freely in any direction.

However, one major thing to note is that it only has a load capacity of 3.6 Kgs, so using DSLRs will not be an issue, but it might slightly wobble if you attach some heavy camera systems. Moreover, it also consists of a panoramic dial that allows you to pan the camera 360 degrees while keeping the tilt angles locked.

Apart from that, it can go as small as 12.5 inches in size when folded, and the max height is about 4.6 Feet. Thus, it is quite suitable for professional photographers who need to travel a lot with equipment like these.

Specifications of AmazonBasics CA013-1 Tripod

Max Load Capacity Up to 3.6 Kg
Material Carbon FIber
Max Height 4.6 Feet
Foldable Height 12.5 inches
Weight 1100 gm
Warranty N/A

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7. Vanguard Espod CX 203 Tripod 

Vanguard Espod CX 203 Tripod

View at Amazon

Coming to the premium section of Tripods, the Vanguard Aluminium Tripod is one of the best in the market right now. The best part about this tripod that we feel is its pistol grip design attached to one of the smoother ball head mechanisms.

Unlike other tripods with basic handles, the pistol grip offers you more control over your camera and helps in quick adjustments as well. Moreover, the head offers 360 rotation along with a pop and unlock quick shoe to release the camera in seconds. In fact, with the rolling wheel near the grip, you can quickly adjust the movement sensitivity of the head.

Apart from that, the max load capacity of this tripod is massive, as it can simply withstand weight up to 7.7 Kgs. So, if you work around with heavy equipment, this tripod won’t let your cameras fall off.

In addition, there is an antishock ring also given along with an anti-spin central column to add on stability and remove the shakiness from this tripod. It has 3 different 20mm leg sections, which help it to attain a max height of 5.01 Feet. However, it measures only 23.3 inches while folded down, and weighs around 1.7Kgs, so carrying it should not be a problem either.

Specifications of Vanguard Espod CX 203 Tripod 

Max Load Capacity Up to 7.7 Kg
Material Aluminum
Max Height 5.01 Feet
Foldable Height 23.3 inches
Weight 1690 gm
Warranty 2 Years

Buy Now at Amazon

8. Jmary TECH2234 Tripod 

Jmary TECH2234 Tripod

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For those who are on a budget can choose the Jmary 2234 Aluminum Tripods as it offers a great value for your money. Because it’s loaded with features that you usually get on high-end tripods. The height of the tripod is adjustable from 19.6 inches to 7.7 Feet.

Hence, there should not be any issues for you to reach the viewfinder or carry it in your bag while traveling either. The max load capacity of the tripods is up to 4 Kgs, which is quite suitable for almost all kinds of DSLR cameras, even with large lenses.

On the other hand, if we consider its build quality, there is no shakiness in any part, as the rubber grips offer much stability, and the entire build is made of solid aluminum. 4 height adjustment levels make it quite easy to handle.

Moreover, the 3-way pan head mechanism even supports a quick-release mechanism for providing a convenient experience to the user. Talking about its portability, you can easily carry it along with you without feeling any burden as it weighs only 1180 grams. Hence, it is a nice choice of tripod who are looking for a feature-rich tripod for budget-friendly pricing.

Specifications of Jmary TECH2234 Tripod 

Max Load Capacity Up to 4 Kg
Material Aluminum alloy
Max Height 7.7 Feet
Foldable Height 19.6 inches
Weight 1180 gm
Warranty 1 Year

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Things to Consider before buying the Best Tripods

A tripod can be a great option to get stable footage while recording videos as well as while taking photos using any camera that you have. And while we have mentioned most of the details of the various tripods mentioned in this article, here are all of the important things to consider before buying the best tripod for cameras:

1. Max Load Capacity

There is no point in buying a tripod for your camera if it cannot support the weight of your camera while balancing it properly. As a result, most of the camera tripods out there have a max load capacity.

It simply tells you the maximum camera rig weight that you can have for using on top of your tripod. This max load capacity varies between different tripod models available in the market. While bigger tripod models can support up to 5 KG or so, smaller tripods only support around 1 KG of total weight.

2. Max Height

Other than being able to support a heavy camera rig, your tripod should also allow you to prop up your camera on a decent height so that it can match your eye level while shooting yourself.

Even if you are into landscape photography, having a decent tripod height is quite important to use your tripod comfortably. Thus, different camera tripods have different maximum height ratings like 3 feet, 5 feet, and even 7 feet in a few cases. You can choose either of these options as per your needs and requirements.

3. Form Factor

If you want to take your tripod with you on the go for portable usage, then the tripod needs to be small and compact. In other words, checking the form factor of your camera tripod is quite important to check.

This is the size of your tripod when it is folded up. Thankfully, most camera tripods out there also have a foldable height that can be useful to know if you can fit your tripod in your camera bag or not. The foldable height can range anywhere from 10 inch to 20 inch depending on the camera tripod you are using.

4. Weight of Tripod

Another thing to consider in your camera tripod, if you want to take it on the go, is the weight of your tripod. A heavy tripod is not the best thing to carry around while it is in your camera bag. Not only is it tiring to carry a heavy tripod, but your camera bag might not even be able to support a heavy tripod. Thus, you should get a tripod of around 1 KG or lower as heavier ones can be quite tiring to carry.

5. Tripod Head

Almost all of the tripods out there offer multiple adjustment options to the user. These allow you to adjust the camera angle, height, and various other things. This is possible using the tripod head of your camera.

But since not all tripod heads are the same, checking your tripod head is quite important. For making videos, a video head is better, and for photos, a ball head is considered to be better. You can also find pan heads in a few tripods that offer a balance between these two.

6. Build Quality and Warranty

If you want your tripod to last for a long time, then it should have a good and sturdy build quality. You can find different construction materials in different tripods, including plastic, aluminum, steel, and others.

Out of these, aluminum is the best option as it is quite lightweight while being quite strong. Other than this, you can also check the warranty on your camera tripod since most of them offer a 1-year long warranty or longer.


We hope this list of Best Tripods for Cameras in India will help you find the most suitable one for yourself. Even if you consider buying one from any nearby local stores, make sure to go through the buying guide once as it will be a lot easier for you while choosing a product.

If someone is feeling confused about their choice of the tripod from the list, we have some personal recommendations for you that might be helpful for you to pick the right one.

The Digitek DTR 550LW Lightweight Tripod, one of our personal favorites, comes with loads of adjustment settings here and there. And, can easily handle a load of most cameras pretty easily.

However, if you are looking for a simple tripod that does not cost much and is quite easy to handle even for beginner photographers, there is no better option than the Manfrotto MTPIXI-B PIXI Mini Tripod.

On the other hand, if you want to get your hands on a premium product, there are multiple products on our list, but the one that offers a great value for money is the Vanguard Aluminium Tripod. And truly, you will love the way its pistol grip helps you out in making camera adjustments. Definitely, check this one out.

Make sure to leave your feedback and suggestion in the comments section below and share this article with all your colleagues, friends, and family whom you think needs one of these tripods for their cameras.


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