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broken flipkart

It’s no longer a question of whether Flipkart would be going app only or not, it’s about when will that move happen. We expect it happen sometime early next year. While Flipkart has given enough numbers to justify their action, it seems like at least for some of us the switch is more due to the fact that Flipkart is leaving website customers with no choice but to use its app.

Go to their site and try to do something as simple as as sorting items by price. You’ll end up with a broken page sooner or later. Of course, with such a bad experience user’s will have no option but to go to Flipkart’s app. Sadly, with most of desirable items beings exclusive to Flipkart (Motorola phones, Zenfone 2, exclusive laptops and what not), users can’t even go to other websites to make the same purchase. They end up making purchase on the app and Flipkart has another user forced on its app ecosystem to show for its app traffic and sales.

Similarly, most of the discounts, including their big billion day sales part 2, are app only. How can you claim that your revenue is coming majorly from app when you’re not even giving your desktop users a level playing field? We get mobile users are a majority, but website users still exist in a market as big as India.

Amazon has been in this business for more years than Flipkart and they still understand the importance of having a website in place. Yes, you can buy something quickly off the app when you know what you’re looking for, but Indian consumers, who have a habit of going through endless lists before making the final decision, need a website because the app simply cannot offer such a user experience.