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iphone memory upgrade

We understand how ridiculous Apple’s pricing sounds at times. For instance, if you wish to go from 16GB to 64GB on an iPhone 6, you have to shell out another $100, while adding another 64GB (for a total of 128GB) costs $100 more. The same goes for the iPad too. But imagine if you could expand the storage on your iPhone for a much cheaper price.

No, we’re not talking about memory cards (Apple hates those), but a repair shop in China claims to have cracked the secret behind adding more storage without breaking the phone. The folks at the shop upgrade the storage module present on the motherboard of the phone or the iPad. Now, Apple usually has software restrictions around that prevent such sort of tinkering with the hardware, but a loophole has allowed the shop to successfully upgrade 70 odd devices without an issue.

The upgrade requires special tools designed specifically for the job. Even then, it cannot be done on the iPhone 5s due to space restrictions on the motherboard. No word yet on whether the same has been done on the iPhone 6s yet. Oh, and you loose your data in the process, but then that’s what the iCloud is there for.

Apple might close the loophole sooner or later, but until then, you can go from 16GB to 64GB for around $71 and to 128GB for $92.

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