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us smartphone market comscore

comScore has released its report for the mobile market in the US for the three months ending October. The data shows all the three major platforms, Android, iOS and Windows Phone gaining market share in the US. Android was the biggest gainer adding 0.4 percent points to its market share. The overall market share for the OS is now at 52.2 percent.

Apple on the other hand grew by 0.2 points compared to the three months ended in July. However, the company failed to make a bigger splash, given both the iPhone 5s and 5c were launched in the US in September. Still, it holds a good 40.6 percent of the market. Windows Phone wasn’t left behind this time around either, with the OS adding 0.2 percentage points to grow to 3.2 percent. Of course, that’s mainly due to budget handsets like the Lumia 520.

BlackBerry, although still the third largest player, saw a massive 0.7 percent erosion of its share and now has only 3.6 percent of the US market left to its self. Symbian was another loser with total installed base now being less than 0.2 percent.

us smartphone market

In terms of absolute market share, Apple leads the charts with 40.6 percent of the market followed by Samsung with a  smaller 25.4 percent share. Motorola was able to increase its presence to 7 percent thanks to the Moto X, while LG and HTC also managed to make it to the top 5.