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There are situations when a fast internet connection is simply not available. What is available instead are more than one internet connections that are not so fast. And in these circumstances if you wished for a way to combine these connections and turn them into a single faster connection you’re not alone.

connectify dispatch

As it turns out some genius folks have finally devised a way to do that and have come up with an application called Connectify Dispatch. Yes these are the same people who brought us the WiFi hotspot software called Connectify which most of us already own ‘legally‘.

bridge internet connection

Anyways Connectify Dispatch allows you to pair more than one internet connection and turn it into something that is speedier than either of the two. You can pair a WiFi and a 3G/4G connection, or a WiFi and a WiFi connection (we’re not sure how that will work) or a Ethernet and any other connection. There’s no limit to the number or type of connections that can be paired to deliver a faster and more reliable internet experience. You can download the software from the official website. There’s no free version available yet but I’m sure most of us won’t mind spending a little cash on such an awesome application. Presently only the Windows version is available with a Mac, Android and a Linux port expected sometime in 2013.