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iphone 4 jailbroken

Whatever the haters might have to say, Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones does have a charm of its own that attracts millions of smartphone buyers worldwide. India is no different, but unlike the other market’s where the phone’s price is included in the two year contract, iPhone becomes an expensive proposition in the country since consumers have to buy it outright for the full price. That has kept a lot of customers away from the iPhone in India. However, Apple is giving Indian fans to get a taste of the ownership of an iPhone. You can find an iPhone 4s for around Rs 13,000 on major Indian e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

Affordable as that might sound, we would still advise not to pick up the phone. Don’t get us wrong, the iPhone 4s was a great phone in its time, but that time was four years ago. We’ve seen three generations of iPhone come after it and the fourth one is slated to come in September. And if you’ve heard talks about the iPhone 4s still managing to run tasks smoothly let us tell you that it’s a lie. Yes, Apple has updated the phone to the latest version of iOS, but that has also slowed down the phone to such an extent that even opening the dialer or WhatsApp can take up seconds.

It’s 2015 and the iPhone 4s has most, if not all, of its specs badly outdated. The screen size is way too small by today’s standards, and the innards don’t match the competition in any possible way. When you look at phones like the Mi 4i, the Lumia 640XL, or the Zenfone 2, which retail for a similar price, the iPhone 4s doesn’t really stand a chance.

We’re not Apple haters, but trying to sell a 4 year technology for Rs 13,000 seems like Apple considers Indian customers too naive to throw their money at anything Apple. Our advice would be to get a better phone instead. You can check our list of best phones under Rs 15,000, in case you’re looking for one.