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moto g lte

Motorola was once in such a bad shape that the company had wrapped up its business in India and left the market for good. It was not until a few years back that it decided to give one of the fastest growing smartphone market another chance through online retailer Flipkart. Its second foray into India has been much better though, with the company having scored tons of sales of its Moto E and Moto G units. So how has Motorola gone from zero to hero, while other smartphone makers are still struggling?

To begin with, Motorola decided to do away with brick and mortar stores this time around, instead selling only through major Indian retailer Flipkart. This has obviously resulted in reduced expenses, since the company only needs to only make sure that its products reach Flipkart’s warehouses and they take care of the rest of the business. Of course, the boom of e-commerce in the Indian market has certainly helped. Motorola has also tied up with several third party vendors to make sure there are enough service centers throughout the country. Again, these centers collect the phones from the customers, ship it to a common hub, where they’re fixed or replaced. This has again made huge savings for the now Lenovo owned company.

However, it’s not just this alone. Motorola has given Indian customers killer specs at a very affordable price, which were earlier available only by spending at least Rs 5,000 more for premium brands, or by purchasing unreliable Chinese brands. Of course, players like HTC and Samsung have taken cue, but it seems like the Indian customer has now well established in his mind that Motorola is the brand to go to if you’re looking for a cheap phone with some nice specs.

What’s more, even though Samsung and Sony have phones with better specs for a lower price now, Motorola’s history with regular and timely updates even for their low end phones like the Moto E have made them a consumer favorite. Why go for another brand which might not even get the currently latest version of Android when Moto phones seem like future proof bet? Lastly, the Samsung fatigue has also helped the company. Consumers who look for a new smartphone tend to avoid Samsung due to similar design of its phones.

All these factors along with the reliability that these phones have given have made Motorola one of the better players in the Indian market. Things only look good for the brand from here on, only if they can learn from the mistakes of others and not repeat them.