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Fragmentation has been termed as the biggest problem on Android numerous times. When an old model does not get the latest version of the OS, it is understandable, but when a phone not even 8 months old doesn’t get the new update, it can be quite heart breaking. HTC made a similar statement today, declaring that the One V and Desire C won’t be getting to taste the latest version of Android. There might be other phones in that list too.


htc one v jelly bean


According to HTC, they are still reviewing which 2012 models would be getting the 4.1 update. For 2011 models, they stand back in the queue and will be reviewed only once 2012 models have been dealt with. The One S and One X would continue to get the updates however.

According to HTC the amount of RAM on the phone is a deciding factor as phones with 512 MB RAM and below aren’t being considered for the update. We really doubt that statement seeing that CM team has posted Jelly Bean ROMs for many phones with 512 MB RAM.