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htc one basemark benchmark scores

The All New HTC One is all set to be announced in a matter of hours, but the leaks around the phone won’t stop pouring in. The latest leak is surrounding the gaming performance of the phone and according to the benchmark scores, it sits at the top.

HTC One managed to grab 26328 points in Basemark X, steering past the previous champ, the Lumia 1520 and also taking a considerable lead over the number three spot holder Galaxy S5. The benchmark test the gaming prowess of a phone by stimulating a real world environment using he Unity game engine.

The phone was equally impressive in the Basemark OS II benchmark, which evaluates the phone based on several criteria to rate the overall performance of the phone. HTC One again grabbed the top spot by scoring 1071 in the test. For browsing, the phone was in the 7th spot which isn’t all that bad.

Although benchmarks don’t absolutely define a phone’s performance in real life, they’re enough to give a general idea and right now, things are looking good for the One.