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htc one m8

We thought that with Samsung ending benchmark boosting on its phones with the Android 4.4 update, most other manufacturers would follow suit. Seems like HTC still doesn’t believe in that, since the company’s latest flagship has been found cheating in benchmark tests. Although, the company has officially confirmed this and doesn’t call this cheating.

The story emerged when HTC One (M8) was found to have a considerably lower score on AnTuTu X compared to AnTuTu 4. AnTuTu X is a specially designed tool that prevents manufacturers from artificially boosting benchmark scores on the AnTuTu benchmark. Now HTC has confirmed that the phone has been optimized to deliver maximum performance in certain scenarios, including benchmarking tests. Although, the company representative also told that the high performance mode can be unlocked in the developer settings in case you’re looking to get the most out of your phone.