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htc one for windows phone

It’s no longer a secret that HTC will be announcing HTC One for Windows Phone on August 19th. The device comes after HTC’s absence from the Windows Phone party in the international market for almost two years now. Now, we’ve got information on what the device will pack in terms of hardware and specs.

The design of the HTC One for Windows Phone isn’t the only common thing with the Android version as the specs are almost identical too. The phone will be packing a 5 inch Super LCD3 along with a 2.3GHz quad core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB RAM. It will be featuring the same Ultapixel unit on the back as the One M8, along with a 5MP front shooter. Other specs of the phone include 32 gigs of internal storage (expandable), HTC Boomsound and a 2,600mAh battery.

HTC will also be selling a DOT VIEW CASE that allows to to accept or reject calls without having to open it (similar to what we’ve seen on Android devices like those of LG’s).

The phone seems to be exciting, although HTC could have improved it over its Android counterpart in the six months or so it had after the launch of One M8. Nonetheless, it’ll still be a top end model in the Windows Phone sphere, which doesn’t have a flagship except for the year old Lumia 930. Are you excited? Surely, we are.