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Which is the world’s favorite dessert? If numbers are anything to go by it would still be Gingerbread. However Jelly Bean is gaining market share and now accounts for 10.1% of all Android devices. That is quite a gain from the measly 6.7% distribution it held last month.

android market share

Unfortunately Gingerbread that is now two iterations old still holds the top spot with 47.6% share which is down from 50.8 last month. Ice Cream Sandwich also grew during the same period and now accounts for 29.1 percent of all Android devices. Surprisingly there are still 11.6 percent active devices with Android Froyo and older versions.

With CES next week and the announcement of slew of new devices we should see Jelly Bean crawling up further. However it may take some time before Gingerbread finally shows some signs of fading away (more if Sony can release devices with software not two generations old).