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While Microsoft has almost all price points covered in the entry segment with the new Lumia phones launched in the recent months, it’s created a bigger problem. The phones are so closely priced that most of their specs overlap and make it all the more confusing for consumers. Fear not though, we try and clear some air using the table below.

Lumia 435 vs. 530 vs. Lumia 535 vs. Lumia 532 vs. Lumia 630 vs. Lumia 638

Lumia 435 vs. 530 vs. Lumia 535 vs. Lumia 532 vs. Lumia 630 vs. Lumia 638

Yes, that’s still confusing so let’s ,make it a little more clear. Firstly, ignore Lumia 530. The device has been succeeded by a number of devices in the lower price range, all of which are better than it. If we were to rate these phones in order of their specs, we’d say Lumia 535>Lumia 532>Lumia 435>Lumia 530. Of course, there are the Lumia 638 and Lumia 630. Both these come with Snapdragon 400 which is a better processor than the Snapdragon 200 found in the other devices. Also, both of these come with ClearBlack displays that offer deeper blacks. While Lumia 638 doesn’t offer dual SIM option, it comes with LTE and is a better phone than the Lumia 630. If you don’t mind loosing LTE connectivity, simply go for the Lumia 535, which is the best of the bunch.

But how can we forget the Moto E? We’ve compared some of these phones, as well as the older Lumia models with it in this post.

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