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lumia 530

After tremendous success and almost one year since launch, the Lumia 520 is set to get a successor to take over the reigns. The Lumia 530 has been spotted for the first time on the web. the phone was spotted in a Windows Phone buying guide, among devices running on Windows Phone 8.1, which means it could well be the third official WP8.1 device from Microsoft.

No specs were provided along with the pic, but judging by the Lumia 930 and the Lumia 635 sitting alongside for reference, it seems like the Lumia 530 will sport a 4.3 inch display and a rather thick bezel. The phone will also sport on screen buttons and come sans a front facing camera. The phone also seems to have a Lumia 620 like design against that of Lumia 520 (which we found to be much more smart). Other than that it’s pretty much our best guess. It seems like the Lumia 530 will most likely sport a WVGA screen (since WP doesn’t support qHD). Also, given that the Lumia 630 came with just 512MB RAM, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one did too. Other than that, a dual core or a quad core Qualcomm processor is pretty much on the cards.

Of course, the herculean task in front of the Lumia 530 would be to take on the recently launched Moto E, which is breaking Microsoft in the lower end market. It remains to be seen how Microsoft decides to price the phone and whether that will be of any help or not.