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office for ipad

Office on iPad is a handy tool. Perhaps that’s why it is so popular. Now Microsoft has pushed out updates to each Excel, PowerPoint and Word for iPad, taking them to version 4.1. There are numerous improvements onboard.

Firstly, PowerPoint gets a new Presenter View that allows you to view and edit speaker notes, see your next slide, or jump to other slides while presenting. You can also play videos, sound effects, and background music while presenting and insert videos from your Camera Roll. Then there’s the ability to edit or add hyperlinks, support for third party fonts and more.

Word gets support for third party fonts and Picture Tools that allows to crop to focus on your photos. Flicking a cell in either direction on Excel now selects all the data in that row or column. Lastly, you can now save files from these tools to PDF format.

You can pick the apps on AppStore at the links below. Although, you’ll need Office 365 subscription to create new files or edit existing ones.

Powerpoint for iPad

Excel for iPad

Word for iPad